An NFC East Fan’s Dilemma

Who do you root for (or more appropriately root against more…) this weekend when the hated Cowboys play the hated Giants?

Let’s see:

The Cowboys still try to lay claim to the title of America’s Team and were incredibly easy to hate whenever Michael Irvin took the field. Though I would argue that the Packers are now the nation’s feel-good team and the Patriots are America’s so-good-you-hate-them team.  The Cowboys have Terrell Owens, but he has practically been a model citizen this season.  Working against them is Tony Romo.  He's the best QB who’s most important highlight is a botched snap.  Romo looks like he’s started to read too many of his own press clippings and the “who’s-he-dating?” string of starlets is pretty tiresome.

The Giants have completely over-achieved this season – a season that started for me really looking forward to Tom Coughlin’s team imploding.  It looked like I might get it as they stumbled down the stretch nearly squandering their all-but-locked playoff chances.  They righted the ship though, made the playoffs, played the Patriots hard in Week 16, and controlled the game in an impressive road playoff win at Tampa Bay last week.  The offense is run by ultra crybaby Eli Manning – who was too good to play for the Chargers and has QB number more like Rex Grossman than his brother.  Seriously, if this guy’s last name didn’t end in “anning”, he’d be on the road to journeyman back-up*.  Add to that uber-putz tight-end Jeremy Shockey and you have a team that ranks pretty high on the unlikable scale.

As hard as it is to say, I will be rooting for the Cowboys this weekend.  But make no mistake, I’ll easily be rooting for the Green Bay-Seattle winner over either of these!


* I know, someone I know thinks he’s dreamy, but wow, do I ever not get it.

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14 thoughts on “An NFC East Fan’s Dilemma

  1. OK Steve be honest. Hating on the Giants is a Philly thing isn't it…:) I gotta pull for the Giants in this one just because it will further show what a mess the NFC is.

  2. Great post! I love your football wrap ups each week. Of course I'll be rooting for the Cowboys but I have to admit that they have let me down this season in general and I'm liking Romo less and less. I'm with you..I don't see the big deal about Romo's looks. If any QB is good looking – it's Tom Brady!

  3. The only time I'd go for the Cowboys would be against the Patriots. I don't mind the Giants and feel bad for Eli since he's always overshadowed by his bro.

  4. You win for best post of the day! (Even if it was technically yesterday.) Cracked me up. I don't think I care who wins this one, because I'll also be rooting for the winner of the Green Bay/Seattle. Even if it ends up being….**swallowing hard**….the Packers.
    …if this guy’s last name didn’t end in “anning”, he’d be on the road to journeyman back-up… I couldn't agree more (although I have to agree with Heather that I feel a little bit sorry for him for having to live in Peyton's shadow).

  5. Well, you know who I'll be cheering for. Another test for Romo to prove he's overcome that botched snap last year in Seattle. It'll be interesting to see T.O.'s impact if he's not 100%. Look for Witten to have a huge game.

  6. Eh STEEEVE! You know where I lie. I think Eli has gotten the job done this year, and not like Grossman "got the job done" last year. He has really turned it on in the back end of this season. Now I am not going to say he is a superstar, but you are right, he is a crybaby, but the only quarterback you see whining to the refs more than Eli is Tom. Anyway, GO Packs, GO Giants, GO Jags, Go Colts!!

  7. I'm taking that you're an Eagles fan. I don't know given that possibility though how in the world you could root for Dallas over NYG. If the Eagles were playing the Pokes, I'd have to root for the birds.

  8. Garth — Eli's had a very jekyll-hyde year — at times you think he's turned the corner and then he goes and has a couple of really awful games. My point is that with someone less notable, there'd be a QB controversy in NY…

  9. Mike — i know! As an Eagles fan, its inconceivable to think that I dislike a team more than the Cowboys — and yet — there it is. That realization was the reason for the post — i couldn't quite believe it myself!

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