Quiz: Philadelphia is to Camden as San Francisco is to:


Yes –THREE glorious days in the other “city by the bay” at the California State University Biotechnology Symposium.  I know the Executive Director pretty well and agreed last year to participate in a session to discuss with CSU students (from all 23 campuses!) possible career paths in the drug discovery and biotechnology industries.  Should be fun – I always like talking to students, because I remember when I was in their shoes, I didn’t have a clue about life in the “real world”.

As a bonus, I coerced a couple of former colleagues that I haven’t seen in a while to participate, too.  Our duties should be pretty much concluded by Saturday, so its highly likely that you will find us in the bar catching up and watching the NFL Playoffs.

After the meeting, the Beloved and I will be riding up to the Sonoma/Russian River Valley area for dinner on Sunday night and then touring a few wineries on Monday. On Tuesday, we’ll be heading back to Southern California.

I should have intermittent web access during the meeting (probably not in Sonoma) so I might be off the grid for a few days. 

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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11 thoughts on “Quiz: Philadelphia is to Camden as San Francisco is to:

  1. Oakland is extremely diverse. There are parts where people of lighter shade skin are rumored not to return from, and of course there are the magnificent Oakland hills where you would be hard pressed to find a home going for under a million. Having lived in the city directly next to Oakland, I can say that there are some good eats to be had there. In fact, I have had some of the best sandwiches ever in Oakland at a place called Genova Deli (it has been around for 80 years and has been handed down three generations). It's on 51st and Telegraph in the center with the Walgreens. That little quadrant is actually full of little gems.The Chinatown in Oakland is also pretty good. And Rockridge is another foodie hub, and easily accessible by BART (exit at Rockridge).Have fun!

  2. Have a good trip! I like talking to students too. They're so optimistic and fresh-minded. Sonoma/RRR is so pretty. I'd love to see it at this time of year to compare to what it looked like in June. Take pictures!

  3. I would have said Richmond. Oakland has actually gotten a lot nicer over the years. Have you thought about dinner at Chez Panisse? There's a BART station right next to the hotel which will take you into downtown Berkeley, and a 9-block cab ride from that station. The restaurant is probably booked solid, but I at upstairs at the Cafe with a reservation made the day before.

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