Coach Class Solves My Problem

There I was, torn.

I had been sort of half-heartedly rooting for the Giants in last night’s fantastic Super Bowl game.  At the end of the 3rd quarter, the Patriots led 7-3 in what had been an entertaining defensive struggle.

I was happy for the Giants – they were working hard, their defense keeping the presumptive champs off their game.  They’d only managed a field goal though and you just sort of figured that the Pats would score, ice the game, breathe a sigh of relief, and go on to immortality.

After the Giants took the lead at the start of the fourth quarter, the Patriots pulled out their A-game, marched down the field and re-took the lead with less than 3 minutes left.  A classic drive by a deserving champion – I was begrudgingly giving them their due praise.  (Note: Does anyone else think they should have run the ball when they got within the 10 yard line once or twice, just to eat up some clock – we were all screaming it at the TV, so my guess is yes.)

And then Eli Manning lead one of the most riveting final drives I ever watched, complete with 4th-down conversions, pinpoint passing and the craziest get-out-of-an-obvious-sack-and-heave-the-ball-to-David-Tyree-who-catches-it-with-one-hand-and-his-head plays that will live for generations.  After that, the TD to Burress seemed almost inevitable.  Destiny, one might say.

So, as Tom Brady’s last pass fell harmlessly incomplete, I was a bit torn.  The Giants had EARNED that game and that victory, but I felt a little sorry for the Patriots who played hard and fought tooth-and-nail against a defense that was ready for them — thinking of how sapping it must be to be that close, and lose.

Until the moment when Patriot’s coach Bill Belichick WALKED OFF THE FIELD BEFORE THE GAME WAS OVER!!

Now, we all know that Coach Hoodie isn’t the nicest and most congenial of guys.  But you know what?  Let the other team rejoice.  Show some grace and some class.  I know there was confusion about the last couple of seconds, but finish the job and stand there and get your picture taken in defeat.  Maybe even shake a couple of Giant’s hands.  Is it that hard to show some class and respect for your opponent and the game itself?

After that, it was easy to sit back and enjoy the Giant’s win.

PS  But I guarantee I’ll find it in me to despise them again come August.  Go EAGLES!!

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20 thoughts on “Coach Class Solves My Problem

  1. Nothing made me happier than seeing the Pats lose. It just seemed like nobody was giving the Giants a chance to even show up and compete. The promos for the game that were on Canadian TV didn't even mention the Giants, it was all about Brady and his quest for perfection. So I felt no empathy for the much hyped, 18-1 Pats, in fact I may have taken an unhealthy amount a pleasure thinking about how crushing that loss must have been.

  2. Steve – I've watched the highlight reel 2 or 3 times to see Eli get free of the cluster of guys who were about to take him down…and the infamous catch that followed. THAT was an amazing few seconds – probably some of the best football I've ever seen in my life. It's definitely going to be one of "those" plays that gets brought up years from now…and all the more so because it led to the lowest seed team in NFL history to go to the superbowl to defeat an hitherto-undefeated team that was presumed to be the de-facto champ. Not to mention the historic first of two brother quarterbacks winning the superbowl back to back. Come next year I will probably still be (futilely) wishing that the Titans would find their A-game….and cheering for the Colts….but I have to admit I'll be watching the Giants out of curiousity and respect for what they pulled off.
    AND – the REAL MVP of that game is the entire Giants defense. Those guys pulled off the impossible. They got very little rest but they held back the #1 offense and got to Brady more times than any Pat exepected I'm sure. If anything, the Giants highlighted an achilles heel – Brady doesn't run and move as much as he probably needs to. (He's an excellent quarterback, nonetheless!) The pressure they applied, and the fact that at the end of the 4th they were still fighting as hard as the first few minutes of the game proves that they won the superbowl as much (or more so) than the near-sack-amazing-escape-throw-while-running-catch-ball-with-helmet-and-nearly-break-your-back-over-the-defender's-leg play….

  3. First off, great review.Second, I honestly thought the time ran out, and part of me believes BB thought it did too. The clock hit zero, and then they put an extra second on the clock. its not like the media and both coaching staffs weren't on the field as well.

  4. I couldn't tell if he walked off on purpose or really thought the game was over, but either way, don't they usually shake hands when it's all over? Maybe I'm thinking of hockey…
    If he did leave intentionally because he's a poor sport, that was LAME!

  5. As a very neutral observer, in the end, the Giants deserved to win. Their D was fabulous all day, and if I disliked Bill Belichek earlier, I completely loathe the guy now. Did he even shake hands with anyone?Brady will have another day, he's just too good, but will it be with the same coach? With Spygate, etc, maybe it's time to move on.

  6. ITA! He did congratulate the Giants coach but then he left and you can't tell me he didn't know there was one play left. I thought it was completely immature and disrespectful. What a sore loser.

  7. ashbylane — I agree, they should have assigned the MVP trophy to one (or maybe several) members of the Giants' defensive line. My guess is that the only reason they didn't was that they only had ONE Escalade to give away!

  8. EZ — granted, there was some confusion on the field, but it was clear that there was a lot of trying to clear people and i think BB was there for a good chunk of that. He gets little benefit of the doubt to me.

  9. Hapa — you're probably the only Pats fan that I know that I have some sympathy for… :)
    I think the Pats D showed a bit of its age, and the Giants did a good job of keeping Brady off the field and on his back. He didn't look very maneurverable either — which I wonder whether that comes back to his ankle.

  10. Yeah, that's not the 1st time coach class has left the field w/o the handshake but this was unbelievably childish. I'm an AFC guy and I had to root against them. I've gotten tired of the whole best team ever tag. Can't be called that w/o a trophy, IMO.

  11. Yeah, I love that they do that in hockey. You can always tell that the losing team is crushed (especially if it's the Stanley Cup deciding game), but the players usually seem to be sincere to each other. I might be looking at it through rose-colored glasses since that's my favorite sport though. :)It always makes me remember little league and school sports games. I hated having to shake hands after losing, but it taught me how to be a good sport.

  12. We were making the same comments about Bilichek. I didn't see him shake Coughlin's hand – I'm glad he at least did that, but it was very unmanly of him to just skulk off the field.
    I'm with Jim – the NY defense totally deserved the MVP award, although I will say that I didn't think Eli had it in him to pull off what he did!

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