Take that, Grandma!

Two rarities for me:

1) A post with video

2) Two posts in one day

Crazy.  I know.

This goes out to all of you (and by you, I mean us) addicted to a certain online word game…

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8 thoughts on “Take that, Grandma!

  1. That's hilarious! Great song, great video, and the perfect example (bringing together generations) why Hasbro needs to pony up and just deal with Scrabulous!

  2. Grandma scares me a bit. Funny, my family always beat me at Scrabble – all of them, every time! I used to always win at checkers but only because I cheated.

  3. Ummm.. as the resident Canadian I guess I should be the one to point out that, the kid with the make up and bad hair is Kalan Porter, a kid from Medicine Hat, Alberta (just an hour a half from here) and the winner of Canadian Idol season 2. That's right we have Canadian Idol, and I'm gonna be honest it is a pretty pathetic knock off. It seems to be the tried and true formula of Canadian televsion, find a show that's a hit in the States, add some Canadian content (as per CRTC regulations), put the word Canadian somewhere in the title, put it on CTV and hope you can find a time slot when there isn't anything good on any of the American networks.

  4. This video is awesome! Hilarious! I love the reactions and expressions from the grandmother. It's great to see entertainment media, in this case a music video, that brings multiple generations together. Thanks for sharing!

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