Foggy Night in Berlin Town

When the Beloved and I returned to Berlin, we also walked around so that she could see the sights, too.  Our trip was a little different than the one that I had taken the week before – our hotel that we stayed in on our return was in what had been East Berlin.  So one late afternoon-evening, we took the U-Bahn (the U2, in fact) to the Brandenburg Gate and the government district and walked back through East Berlin along Unter den Linden to our hotel.  It was a damp and chilly night with some fog, that made picture taking a little difficult, but I liked the way some of them turned out.

While I liked the government district in the daylight the week before, I really thought it was beautiful at night (coincidentally, I feel the same way about the US Capitol area and Mall in DC).  The new Chancellery buildings are gorgeous and have gone for a more modernistic design.


The Berlinerdom is the largest church in Berlin (its Lutheran) – across the street there was what we thought was a construction process, but it was really a deconstruction process – the tearing down of an old East German edifice to make way for something more fitting to the area.  The TV tower in East Berlin is shrouded in the background.

Our walk ended up near the TV tower in fog.


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