The Beloved arrived in Berlin right after my meeting ended and the following day, we caught the train down to Munich.

Of course the first stop in the train station was to get a hot leberkase sandwich.  It didn't disappoint.

Munich is an interesting contrast to Berlin.  The heart of Bavaria and more oriented towards tourists, I’m sort of glad that I wasn’t there when the weather was better and there were tons of tourists around.  We stayed in the Isator neighborhood – just outside, and a short walk to the Old Town center.

The Old Town is dominated by the Frauenkirche – a massive brick medieval church, with twin onion-topped spires, and the Rathaus (city-hall) with its 19th century Gothic revival architecture (and the largest glockenspiel in the world).



As with most places we decided that the best way to get to know a town was to wear down a little shoe leather.

The Theatinekirche is a gorgeous rococo church along Ludwigstrasse.  I hope this pic of the dome captures it a little.

We DID manage to come across perhaps a distant cousin while on our meanderings.  Seems that cousin-Dieter (do you think he was on Sprockets?) is doing pretty well selling fancy men's clothes.

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11 thoughts on “Munich

  1. Munich's another place I definitely plan on visiting. In fact, I may just spend a whole lot of time in Germany and Austria and maybe catch the train to Prague for a few days. :)

  2. Munich is hands down my favourite European city — its only close competitor is Vienna. Your photos, both of Munich and Berlin and everything else, are beautiful. I wish I were back in Deutschland now!

  3. LC — you know, before going this time I had said that Vienna was my favorite European city — but its been 20 years (sigh) since I've been there. I'll have to go back for a more up-to-date comparison… :)

  4. These are awesome photos. It's really neat to see places that have been around for so long, with architecture that was old before anything in the US was even off the ground floor.

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