Friday Happy Hour: The Chelsea Sidecar

Note:  Apparently, I’m starting a series of some of my favorite drinks using my favorite cocktail shaker.

The Sidecar is a one of the earliest known cocktails – thought to have originated in Europe around the end of the First World War.

The classic sidecar is made with equal parts brandy (or cognac), cointreau, and lemon juice.  In many ways, it is the grandfather to very popular drinks like the margarita.  Generally, you have the spirit, a sweetened citrus liqueur, and citrus juice (booze+sweet+tart = :D ).

Tonight, my choice is the Chelsea Sidecar.

The Chelsea Sidecar is made with gin in place of the brandy/cognac.  You can vary the ingredients to taste.  Here’s my version:

2 oz. gin (use a good one too, like Bombay Sapphire or Hendrick’s)
1 oz  triple sec (we like the Patron citronage, cointreau is good too)
¾ oz lemon juice

Shake vigorously in an ice-filled cocktail shaker and stain into a martini glass.  Enjoy!


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9 thoughts on “Friday Happy Hour: The Chelsea Sidecar

  1. I like that you have happy hour drink series – fun! That looks delicious…I'd much rather drink that than the cold medicine I am currently on. And I think it might make me sleep just as well (but be a lot more fun going down).

  2. You should stop these awesome drink posts of yours because they make me want to jump off the wagon. (Not that I was ever in ANY danger of needing to be on it.) I can't drink with my new meds, so stop temping me. Heh. Looks good, though, and I love the glass.

  3. We can make those, too, Zak — and sometimes we do. This fall and winter we've been trying several new recipes rather than stick with old favorites all the time… :)

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