Heels Take ACC

There's really not much more that needs to be added to that picture.  On Saturday, the Tar Heels beat their despised rivals, the Duke Blue Devils**, at Cameron Indoor Stadium to capture the ACC regular season title.  The Heels finished at 14-2 in the ACC, 29-2 overall and #1 in the nation.  The ACC Tournament begins Thursday.

My favorite part of the picture is the look on the guy's face below Green's right foot.

** I will say this for the Duke crowd — they had a very respectful moment of silence for murdered UNC student body president Eve Carson

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6 thoughts on “Heels Take ACC

  1. The look on that guys face is great!! For some reason I'm just not into college hoops this year. I hope it gets better soon. Tournament might spark something, but with spring training in full swing it's difficult. Oh BTW, from what I have seen, UNC is the best team in the nation.

  2. That was a GREAT game, even tho' I was quietly rooting for Duke (that whole underdog-Coach-K-thing). If Hansborough doesn't get player of the year, the Fed should investigate. Maryland v BC? Terps, easy. Boston isn't nearly as good as they were last year.

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