Vox Hunt: Going Out On A Limb…

In honor of Johnny Appleseed Day, show us a tree.

My favorite tree picture.  From Santa Barbara, last summer.

And while it isn't a tree per se', I love the southern Californian ocotillo.

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6 thoughts on “Vox Hunt: Going Out On A Limb…

  1. Ahh Grandma-P — I think that's the whole thing. I have a lot of attraction to plants that eek out an existence in the harsh environment that the ocotillo lives in (its native to the desert).
    In the spring — after the rains — the plant buds out and gets topped by a little red flower — from a distance they look like crazy candles. As the year wears on, the flowers go (and so do most of the leaves) — but they keep toughing it out.

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