Entertainment QotD: Favorite 80’s Movie

What is your favorite movie that was released in the 1980s?

C'mon — a scientist is the hero — he's handsome, smart, resourceful, deals with the supernatural, beats up Nazis AND gets the girl.

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19 thoughts on “Entertainment QotD: Favorite 80’s Movie

  1. Indiana Jones is the man! I wish he was real.
    My kids have recently discovered the IJ movies, and now we're all anxiously awaiting May 22 – the day the new one comes out!

  2. A bit of trivia….did you know that Tom Selleck was Lucas's original pick for the character of Indiana Jones? Hard to imagine Jones played by anyone other than Ford.

  3. Jim — i'd heard that Sellick was the original choice — and while I have a soft-spot for Magnum, PI — I don't think it could have had the same magic as with Ford.

  4. Cross-posted from your place — and this also goes to mdoci —

    I agree that "Empore" is hands-down the best of the SW movies.
    Though one could argue, that from a strict interpretation of the calendar — that the 80s did not officially begin until 1981, in the same way that the 21st century didn't begin until 1/1/2001. That would then make "Empire" the best movie of the 1970s — unless, of course, you prefer "Jaws".

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