Heels Top Dog, but Retriever Fever Burns in Our House

So, as a Tar Heel, the perfect basketball season contains the following:
a) win the ACC regular season
b) beat Duke every time you play them
c) win the ACC tournament
d) go to the Final Four
e) win the National Championship

This year, the Heels went 1-1 versus Duke, so “all of the above” is not an option, but yesterday was another good day as the Heels outlasted Clemson to win the ACC Tournament.  They now move onto the NCAA Tournament, where they are the overall #1 seed.  And while their possible draw doesn’t look very easy, they do have the benefit of having the potential of playing every game before the Final Four in the state of North Carolina.


More excited though was our dog Eutaw, who is wholeheartedly going to be rooting for  the University of Maryland-Baltimore County, who’s team won the America East regular season and conference title..  You see, Eutaw is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever (actually, we’re pretty sure she’s the best-chessie-ever), and the mascot for UMBC is the Retrievers.  Eutaw will be glued to the set when UMBC gets set to take on nearby powerhouse Georgetown in the opening round of the tournament on Friday.

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21 thoughts on “Heels Top Dog, but Retriever Fever Burns in Our House

  1. I'm certainly hoping UNC goes to the Final Four, because it's here in SA, and I'm fairly sure my dad can score tickets 'cause of some sponsorship deal he's working on with the NCAA. Or something. I'm a little sparse on details. All I care about is actually going. :)

  2. Eutaw is absolutely adorable. UMBC and, er, retrievers were also on my mind today. I even spent time trying to convince a colleague that there was such a thing as a Nova Scotia Duck-Tolling Retriever.Yes, my colleagues think I'm a nut, too.

  3. Can I just say how much I adore the blue argyle on their jerseys? That is so cool! I wish baseball jerseys were that fashion-forward! Oh, and Marc and I's alma mater in California (Cal State Univ Fullerton) won some basketball game this weekend that progressed them further into the finals than they've ever been before. But I can't figure out whatzit they're in because every article I read just refers to it as "the dance". WTH? So, I'm rooting for them just because I went there – but I have no idea what they're in or who they're playing or if it's all just for marbles. But yeah – they're my team! :)

  4. is it bad that i just want to comment on Eutaw and how she's so awesome? (well, maybe her owners, too. :)don't worry, erin – i have no idea what 'the dance' is either.

  5. Oh, cool, thanks for the explanation and then heads up! Can you tell basketball is the sport I know least about? Especially college basketball?!

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  7. hah hah hah! i'm still floored that ye olde alma mater actually has a decent team at something this year. and that MD didn't make it.
    in other news? most random, stupid mascot…. ever. nothing against Chessies… they just aren't fierce, instill terror into the hearts of our enemies kinda dogs. they're run and jump and fetch the dead bird then beg for pettings kinda dogs.
    and i can say that becuase i went there. and "played" a sport. so there.
    (let me know if they did ok/do ok?)

  8. No no!! Liz!! You can't bash the Chessies!! Eutaw will see that while I'm at work. She WILL be happy that you're an alum though.
    What did you play??
    PS They lost to G-town.

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