So, last night I made my way out onto the tennis court.  Got pretty well thrashed by my friend, Jeff.  I double faulted too much, hit some bad backhands, but I did some things right.  The most important thing was that I got out there and ran around.  After a couple hours of play, I had that “good tired” feeling you get after getting a good work out — aerobic exercise.  That’s a feeling that’s been a little too rare for the last couple of months.

I’d always tried to play tennis a couple times per week, plus layer on some other type of exercise once-twice per week as well.  But it seems like ever since about November I haven’t been CLOSE to that.  The Holidays, family visits, travel, rain-on-tennis days, being sick, etc. have all contributed to getting out of the habit, which is really bad.  It’s left me feeling a little pudgy – and good grief – I work in endocrinology and metabolism – I know the benefits of exercise and the complications of its lack.

So, with some inspiration from some folks in the neighborhood who have embarked on both bettering their diet and fitness routines, I’m going to try and use the springboard of DST to get back in the groove (I know, morning exercise is better metabolically, but I’m a p.m. guy, always have been…).

Here’s to a little more regular oxygen debt!

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18 thoughts on “Anaerobic

  1. Count me in on this too. My husband just started this program thru work called 20/20 where he gets nutritional counseling, personal training, and even psychotherapy to get at any underlying roadblocks. He says after he's done with the program, I should try it. My biggest roadblock is finding time (she says as she types away at the computer). Busted.
    Okay, I'm doing it. Putting down my sweetened latte and walking away from the computer…well, maybe not right now this second. But starting tomorrow morning. I promise!

  2. Go for it! Maybe you even want to run the Mountain Home Marathon? Or The other Half in utah???
    I think the hardest part about re starting any exersise program, or eating program is knowing where you once were, and feeling sluggy. I know I have slacked off after my race and am now paying the consequences.
    As an endocrine and metabolism guy, what do you think of 2 a day workouts, say with running and weights in the morning and swimming in the evening/afternoon??? Since I'll be living across the street form thegym, I am looking for ways to maximize my calorie burning and getting into fitness ability.

  3. I know exactly what you are talking about. It is always easier to not do it than do it. I wish I had the will power to just exercise everyday (like Rob, for example), but I seem to have that particular gene turned off or absent. I am currently waiting for the move, whenever that may happen, to be my springboard into action. In the mean time, I just feel like I should do more, but never get around to it. Better luck to you! PS- If we move back to SD… maybe we can try a joint program. Having a workout buddy seems to help me stay on track.

  4. GAH! i hate exercising. i just, if i do the smallest amount of exercise, i eat like, 3 times as much as i normally do (and i eat a LOT) so it's not even worth it… if i exercise, i have to go ALL out… hehe.

  5. katiebell — 2-a-days is pretty serious — but I'm sure you know enough to ramp up the degree of exercise as well as take the occasional break. The other thing with 2x is that you might also have to adjust your calorie intake up to cover — can't stay negative for too long.
    What's the goal?

  6. grrrace — I find that hard to imagine (that you inhale food like crazy…) — its funny, I have one of those things where my appetite is often decreased after a good workout — so that if I eat something reasonable afterwards, its like win-win.

  7. What I was thinking about was actually breaking up my work out that I normally do, say doing the running and the weights in the morning and then doing the swimming in the evening. Do you think there is any benefit to splitting it up or should I just do it all at the same time? (SInce I am going to be living across the street from the gym, it will be easy to go….)

  8. Every few months I make a fresh resolution to exercise more, and it peters out slowly after the first week or so of over-enthusiastic physical exertion. I get lulled into complacence because I am a naturally thin person and so even if I don't exercise the kilos don't show. But I know exactly how unfit I am and how low on stamina! Good for you, taking up the mantle again. Good luck. Maybe if I follow your progress I'll try to keep in step with you in some way :)

  9. Katie — now I got it. I would argue that metabolically you want to do your exercise in one large chunk, rather than two smaller ones. Better drive for oxidative phosphorylation and build-up of mitochondria.

  10. Back when I used to be super into fitness (I was training for a physical job) I broke my workouts into 2x a day and the results were fantastic. However, I broke them into 1 for weightlifting (only) and 1 for cardio only. I was able to build muscle a lot faster. I think it's really hard to build any muscle while also depleting your body of energy (cardio).
    You could do cardio + weights at the same time if you wanted to use a ton of calories, but you might consider trying the weights in the morning, and in the evenings running or swimming (switching off). Of course, just getting in the gym is really my own goal now!

  11. Ahhh thanks Steve, I will always take the advice of someone whoose business is metabolism. I tried two a day runs back in October, and came near close to being injured again, so I learned a bit of a lesson there.

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