Me and My Ten-Minute Break

I know – a day late.  Sorry about that.

I’d been carrying my camera around all day trying to come up with a good spot for Me and My Monday, and of course, yesterday ended up being pretty busy.

So I got out of work and hurried over to my piano lesson and got there in time that I actually had 10 minutes to chill before my lesson.  The real upside is that my piano teacher lives about a block off the bluff in Del Mar.  So here I am, getting a short respite in an otherwise busy Monday.

Not a bad spot for a break.

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17 thoughts on “Me and My Ten-Minute Break

  1. Tam — piano posts used to be a pretty regular feature here, and I realized that I haven't posted one since pretty early last fall. Hard to believe, but we might not have even been neighbors then!

  2. Pretty! And I'm glad you're taking lessons again. (Wait. Did you ever stop? My mind, it lapses.) Post more about the piano so I can live vicariously. If I ever finish my home improvements, I'm thinking of following your suggestion to look at electric pianos.

  3. so. frakking. jealous.btw, my cali trip is starting to take on a little bit of life . . . possibly planning it around when [well, if, at this point] aaron should be in port there . . . sometime in the fall, i believe. is it a nice time to be there? :)

  4. e*c — Fall is THE BEST time to be here! Warm and sunny most of the time. Late spring, early summer is the worst. Perpetual overcastness.
    I'm getting excited thinking about it!

  5. Hey Jen — nope, haven't stopped. I had a lull last summer after we moved and all, but I found a tutor in the fall, and its been going really well. I've been meaning to post about it, but I haven't quite figured out what to say…

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