Me and My Piano

After the last couple of posts, I thought this seemed somewhat appropriate.

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23 thoughts on “Me and My Piano

  1. So serene. I love how the light from the window illuminates the shot, and the little accent of the small vase and flowers on the window sill. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks, Steph — it sure is. In my former home (Stately Betz Manor) it was in a loft and I was able to look down over the living room kitchen. Here, I look across at the hillside on the other side of the street from our house.

  3. Thanks Tam! I didn't like the original colored version that much — there's a lot of light in that room, but I thought converting to B&W was pretty good.
    I've had the daisies for a while — they're kind of an inside joke between me and The Beloved. They always make me smile.

  4. Serene?? Snort — that's why looks can be deceiving. It was pretty funny, I set the camera on a pretty long delay and then just started playing, figuring it would get me in the middle of playing.
    Of course –what happened?? I got nervous for the camera! (when there was no one else within earshot — egad). Terrible performance anxiety — even when no one can hear me! =P

  5. Although, e*c — now that I think about it, in Stately Betz Manor, the piano used to be right near my computer, so I could run a cable between the two so that I could record directly to my hard drive.
    Now, sadly, they're on different floors of the house, so recording anything would be pretty tough.

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