Rock, Chalk, Salt-in-the-Wounds

I almost turned it off.

As Kansas was routing a flat-footed and confused North Carolina Tar
Heel team in the first half of their NCAA national semifinal game
Saturday, I nearly turned it off.

Watching the perfect storm of Kansas playing superb and inspired
basketball and the Tar Heels playing a sloppy, poor-shooting, and
poor-decision-making type of game rarely seen, it was ugly.  Like
28-point deficit ugly.

It was a strange game – almost simultaneously,
the teams switched personas – UNC becoming disciplined and efficient,
Kansas seemingly falling apart.  The Heels cut the lead to
5.  It was hard to believe.

But they couldn’t get any closer than that as KU regained their
composure and again the tables turned as the Heels got a little too
desperate a little too early and the Jayhawks rode to a pretty easy
victory in the last few minutes.

Strange game in that no stretch of it was very competitive – KU
dominated, UNC dominated, KU dominated, end.  Disappointing end to
a very good Tar Heels season – certainly not the way they’d want to go
out, and you have to think a lot of this will be laid at the feet of
Roy Williams for not being able to focus his team better during the
Kansas onslaughts.

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8 thoughts on “Rock, Chalk, Salt-in-the-Wounds

  1. Well, it's been said that players win the games, and coaches lose them. I was amazed at how well KU played, certainly not what I expected. Go Memphis, I guess …

  2. Memphis … I like that crazy offense.I haven't watched any games since Syracuse didn't make the tourney, but Steve, I hope you're OK.The good news .. you're not UCLA … third straight year .. youch

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