Can You Quantify a Change in Attitude?

So a few weeks ago, I wrote a post about how I’d been annoyed at falling off the exercising bandwagon, and I was determined to change my attitude and get more exercise and eat better, as well.

I’d actually been thinking about it since the beginning of March (that I didn’t like the way my diet and exercise were going).  And I recalled that in the beginning of the year, Hapalove, who is wise beyond her years, wrote a post about goal tracking using Joe’s Goals, which is a free web-based goal-tracking application.

I’m a scientist, so I like data and numbers and trends.  I created a set of criteria to score both good and bad behavior for both physical and mental health.  The good physical health ones are things like: tennis, running, other exercise, etc.  The bad ones are: no exercise, eat bad meal, drink too much, poor sleep, etc.  Mental health-wise, I score well if I read, play the piano, or get to have happy hour* with the Beloved.  On the downside are things like: feel bored or feel stressed.

The plot above shows how it’s been going.  So far, I’m pretty pleased – I’ve been playing tennis more regularly and have been able to work in a couple of treadmill runs in lieu of lunch at work once or twice a week as well.  A couple more weeks and I hope these activities will stick as habits.

*Happy hour doesn’t require a drink, but is the time of day where we sit down, relax, talk about our days, play cards – its one of my favorite things we do, and always makes me happy – hence the name.

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15 thoughts on “Can You Quantify a Change in Attitude?

  1. You are indeed a scientist. And I mean that in the most complimentary way. :)
    The trend is definitely moving upward – good job! Those are not easy goals to meet. Easy to say, not easy to do. I think it has something to do with overcoming the inertia of being sedentary…or something like that. What's that called? Physics was never my thing.

  2. I am very analytical, too, and I could totally see myself doing something like that. I like lists. And charts. And schedules. I'm doing a lot better at achieving my goals, too. I like the feeling.

  3. Good onya, guy! This is exactly the kind of thing I tend to do too. You should see my spreadsheet tracking my progress on my writing goals!!

  4. Wow, congrats! It's funny, we're trained to track everything in our jobs… performance reviews, ROI, etc… so it only makes sense to also do it in life.

  5. Sometimes all it takes is the right thing for you to get going.Congratulations, Steve.
    For me it was the realisation six years ago that my husband was in better shape than I was and I didn't like that at all. As I exercised and ate better, I just felt so much better. Tht'as what keeps me at it. Don't think I could give up all my eating vices all the time, however….

  6. good for you! exercise! piano! yay!can you set me up with one of those spiffy charts to encourage me to do more healthy things? :) one good thing – i'm now walking to the metro instead of taking the bus . . . twice as much walking now than before i moved!

  7. PVD — I think that's the thing I disliked the most — that I was eating poorly and not exercising and just felt crappy. More activity and a better diet are way better — but that doesn't mean you can't have a little indulgence from time-to-time.. :)

  8. Oh, I know- I love the freedom that exercising and eating better brings- I can have a treat now and again without feeling guilty about it and I actually enjoy it more because of that. I'm glad you're feeling better because of the new life change,too. Considering how lovely your area is, I guess walking outdoors will be part of your new exercise routine?

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