To the guy in the Monte Carlo SS on CA-56 around 7:15 this morning

My attempt to pass you this morning during my commute to work was not an insult of your manhood.  There was really no reason to accelerate, almost hit the car in front of you and veer into my lane so that you could get back to being a car length ahead of me. 

Was my German-built, non-tricked out, un-decaled auto without tinted windows (which was also missing the “These Colors Don’t Run” bumper sticker) really that much of an affront?  The last straw?

I’m sure your car goes very fast in a straight line.  I’m glad for you.  I’m glad you like it.  Just don’t nearly cause an accident the next time you get stuck behind a slower driver, ok?  Thanks.


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22 thoughts on “To the guy in the Monte Carlo SS on CA-56 around 7:15 this morning

  1. LOL @ "I’m sure your car goes very fast in a straight line."

    i see a lot of drivers doing the same thing, accelerating as someone tries to pass them. it's SO annoying.

  2. You're car is pretty flash tho… you better apologize. You really must have hurt his manhood's hUUUUUUGE ego. You're a man of science right? Perhaps you should conduct an experiment to see whether it's actually possible for a man to drive one of those cars in this day and age and NOT be a douche. I Hypothisize that this is one of the next absolute laws of science… after all wasn't it Jesus who said: "It's easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle then for a man to drive an early-90's Monte Carlo and not be a douche."

  3. One of the best I saw was some dude cruising along behind me for about 2 blocks when he suddenly stomped on the gas and swerved around to pass me. The instant he was in front of me, and I do mean about 2 inches in front of me, he pounded on the brakes and swerved into a parking lot. He wasn't even going to a muffler shop or a driving school, both of which he needed very much.

  4. Hey, that guy also drives in Boston! Maybe he goes coast to coast in his super-hip coolest ride evah … or maybe his idiot twin just lives out here ! Glad no one was hurt (this time), and hope you can avoid him tomorrow.

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