Autonomous Decisions

So, the Beloved headed off today with a few of her gal pals from grad school for a getaway weekend to Sonoma and Napa for a little wine-food-spa fun.  Think the “Cashmere Mafia” with PhD’s in chemistry.

That has left me with an unusual conundrum… what do I do with 4 days on my own?  I lived for a good chunk of my adult life on my own, so I’m pretty comfortable being by myself, but this is a pretty large chunk of time by recent standards.

I’m thinking that there could be some vox-ing, some scrabulous, piano sessions, finishing that book I just can’t quite get done, perhaps an Arrested Development DVD marathon.  Hmmm…

Oh, and I suppose that I could do something healthy like go for a run or a hike…

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16 thoughts on “Autonomous Decisions

  1. Hmmm…all those options sound good. I would be incredibly tempted to find a great reading spot, a fabulous cup of tea and finish off a book or two….
    AND DON'T FORGET: Go pick up a box of Golden Grahams now. Cereal at any meal you want for the next 4 days! :-)

  2. You know what I would do? I would use my big old brain to write a ten-page paper on reproductive rights (that's due tomorrow) for one of my Vox neighbours.
    I totally would!
    I'm just saying, you might wanna do the same.

  3. Julian. Take a book, tour the wineries, listen to live music, sit in a hot tub, pack a picnic and a camera, and hike the hills; eat apple pie a la mode.
    That's what I would do. Just because she's on a vacation, that doesn't mean you need to hold down the fort.

  4. I would do nothing. Absolutely nothing. But since you made a list, I'll be looking for those Vox posts.
    btw, love the new picture. You look tough!

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