Oh… Sunday???

I did some things on Sunday, too.  But I'll tell you one thing I
didn't do — and that was change out of my pajamas.  Now, THAT'S

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10 thoughts on “Oh… Sunday???

  1. Wow. I for one hope those PJs weren't pink or covered with silly phrases like 'Slumber Party!' That would just be too much for me to absorb…. :-)
    Glad you had a relaxing day!

  2. Jim — now THAT would have made quite a "Me and My Monday" pic! Alas, flannels and a Foghorn Leghorn jersey for me! Besides, its hard to have a pillow fight with yourself….

  3. i didn't change out of my jammies yesterday either! well, not until 8pm or so when i finally took a shower. hehehe. and then i just got into a new pair of jammies. :D

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