Yak. It’s What’s For Dinner.

Hapalove's comment about going up to Pasadena this weekend reminded me of something notable that I forgot about last weekend.  On Sunday, we needed to come up with a place to eat that evening. Now usually when we’re going out (especially when we’re out of town), we try to go out for a) things we can’t reasonably cook at home, and b) restaurants we might not be able to find in San Diego.

Following these plans, we chose to go to the Tibet-Nepal House, which claims to be the only restaurant of that cuisine in Southern California. It was really fun. The food was a mash-up of Indian, Chinese and Central Asian styles (as you might expect from geography) – and we really enjoyed everything that we had.

I decided to really go for it and ordered the yak. Yes, that’s right, why-ay-kay, yak. It was really good — very lean, a little gamey, very tasty with the spices and vegetables that it was cooked in.  In general, I think it tasted more like buffalo (bison) than beef.  Also, many of you will be releived to note that it was free-range yak.

Try it next time you’re at your neighborhood Tibetan place.

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14 thoughts on “Yak. It’s What’s For Dinner.

  1. Never tried the yak but like the buffalo. Had some buffalo again a couple weeks ago, although it was not very lean which was a little strange.

  2. I'm definitely going to try this place. My girlfriend and I just decided we were going to try to knock out as many different ethnic restaurants as we can. We're already through 11. Yak, here I come!

  3. oooh, i'm not a fan of gamey tasting animals… i'd be interested in the food, though… i'll probably stay away from the yak, though. hehe. yeah, i'm a wuss… hehe.

  4. Wow – I would love to go to a restaurant like this! I checked out the menu and it sure looked great. Lots of good spices used and plenty of vegetarian options for me because you know I could not eat cute Mr. Yak. ;-)

  5. CA — I definitely recommend the restaurant — we could have filled entirely up on an appetizer they had (spiced minced lamb dumplings) called momos.

  6. I would definetely be up for trying yak, if there were any restaurants that served it around here. Although, Steve isn't as adventurous of an eater as I am, so I may not even be able to get him to go to a restaurant like that.

  7. Excellent! I am going to favorite this post in the hope that the next time we travel south, we'll know of a great place to eat. I bet my husband would try the yak for sure.

  8. Oh, thanks for this post! I'm up to trying yak. I'll be in San Diego this summer, to visit a friend and see Eddie Izzaard. A road trip to Pasadena is definitely in order.

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