Me and My Diversion

I mean "Me and My Vocabulary Enhancing Pastime"

And if you were wondering, that's me crushing Cori.  Again.

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20 thoughts on “Me and My Diversion

  1. One year I thought that I would try a new twist in learning new words. So I bought William F. Buckley Jr's "Word of the Day Calendar" – well he must have invented most of the words because they are so obscure that I didn't think that most would be very useful. It was entertaining though.

  2. This is as close as I'll let myself get to Scrabulous. I hear it's highly addictive, right? If I get stuck on one more computer related thing I think I'd be in the dog house. This makes for a great Me and My Monday photo, though – well done!

  3. Ha! That was a great "scroll down" for me. I was like, "Woo! That's my game with Steve Betz!" … scrolls down … "HEY! THAT IS NOT A CRUSHING! 27 points is not a crushing!" At least this game isn't a crushing. You've crushed me pretty bad in the past.

  4. Scrabulous Pusher – ha ha! Very funny! So, funny in fact that this little scene popped into my head:
    Steve: C'mon….everybody's doin' it.
    Tami: uh…I dunno…
    Steve: C'mon – you'll be one of the cool kids!
    Tami: *looking quickly from side to side for nearest exit* uh…I think I hear my kids calling me…*bolts away*
    Steve: Hey!! Come back here! Where are you going? Don't worry, you'll try it one day and then you'll thank me.! You'll thank ME!!!! Mu-ah-ah-ah!

  5. e*c — its an web-based Scrabble game that you can play through Facebook. We can start a game, you know…. not that I'm a pusher or anything… :)

  6. Ooh, I just got addicted to Scrabulous because all of my new coworkers play it. If you need more people to beat, I'd be up for a match! I'm only winning one of my open games right now. =P

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