Better Killing Through Chemistry*

This weekend I came across the story of Larissa Schuster, who was convicted of killing her husband of 20 years (they were going through a divorce) by knocking him out (with a stun gun, chloroform and the aid of a lab assistant), and dumping him into a 55-gallon drum and pouring hydrochloric acid on him.  The husband’s half-dissolved (err… the top half) remains were found a few days later in a storage facility she had rented.

My first thought was: I can’t believe that someone could do that do another person.

My second thought was:  With all the poisons and neurotoxins around an average laboratory, all you could come up with was a 55-gallon drum and HCl?  Seriously?

My third thought was:  Maybe I should have thought twice before eating that cupcake one of the minions brought me this morning…

*explanation: when I first worked for DuPont, their corporate slogan was "Better Living Through Chemistry" — which made me think of the title of this post.  Really, I don't endorse killing through chemistry.  Or any other means.  Except maybe kindness…

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15 thoughts on “Better Killing Through Chemistry*

  1. Wow. I am not at all scientist material, and even I could figure out a better way to kill someone. I blame CSI. I hear wood chippers are best. (Ew. I just totally grossed myself out.)Be careful how you treat the minions. I'd miss your blog. :)

  2. Wow … I could think of way better ways to dispose of a body. Good thing I have no careers goals to be a murderess. To me the worst part of the story is that he was probably still alive when they dumped him in the drum. Ick. That is just plain evil personified.
    Glad to hear the cupcake wasn't lethally laced … :>)

  3. Steve,
    Make sure you make the storage rental payments on time. ;) There was a "cold case" where the murderer dumped his wife’s body (inside 55 gal drum) in Lake Michigan. A police detective followed him to Florida where he had moved and then remarried. After dogging him for a time- he confessed!

  4. That's a horrible thing to do to someone, even someone you don't like, but I have to admit, your Thought #2 made me laugh. That is science humor at its best.
    Chloroform and HCl – you could call it a classic.

  5. I concur with Tamzen. You did manage to do all the above in one single short post. I do object to the minion comment, since I was once a minion of yours too! I'd check the coffee, not the cupcakes.

  6. Eeeuuwwwww! Just — Eeeuuuwwww!
    As to why she chose HCl –although I admired your second thought, too– She probably got the idea from that early-'90's movie with Bridget Fonda, that I forget the name of, but it was a Hollywood remake of the French film "La Femme Nikita." –Ah! "Point of No Return." (Love that Google!)
    XXX (Just deleted a really, on second thought, disturbing account of the relevant scene from that movie. Eh–if you saw it, you'll know the scene I mean.)
    Anyway, she (the wife in this murder case) was probably disappointed that half of the body still remained.
    Eeuww, eeuww, and double-eeuww!

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