Vox Hunt: Sunday Snapshot

Show us something special/unique about your Sunday.

Our special and unique thing on Sunday was getting to meet up for lunch with Janette and her husband!  We went to a place that turns out happens to be a favorite of both of us.

Of course, I was nervous — but Janette and Charlie made meeting someone for the first time really easy — we fell into conversation and *poof* there went a couple of hours.

Of course, I ate too much — so I'm sure J&C went home and said, "OMG! Did you see him pack it away??"

And of course, I forgot to bring our camera so there's no "snapshot" for this really good time… doh!  Next time, I promise.



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7 thoughts on “Vox Hunt: Sunday Snapshot

  1. Cool! How close do you live to each other?
    I have yet to meet any Voxers besides Heather (jacolily) and Janie (javajanie) – but I knew them before I Voxed.

  2. They do have BIG pancakes there, but absolutely no judgment… considering I polished off my burger and fries no problem ;)I did have my camera that day, but to interrupt our conversations to snap a photo just didn't seem right. Though, for the voxing public, I suppose next time we really should capture the visual.

  3. Mello — we live maybe 20 minutes from each other, maybe a little more depending on traffic. There are a couple of other folks from SD around here — I've met (Fish) and Hapalove, too — also, very cool people.

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