Me and My New Glasses

Well, after five or six years of the last ones, it was time for a style upgrade.  I'm afraid that my look is not as "magazine worthy" as a couple of my neighbors, but I kind of like it.

Oh, and apparently, I cut myself shaving this morning, too.

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36 thoughts on “Me and My New Glasses

  1. I like them. I also like how this photo demonstrates the refractive properties of curved glass. Hey, I go to great lengths, no matter how silly, to make my comments directly pertain to the specific person I'm talking to. :)

  2. Unlike Kirk, I make no effort whatsoever to be pertinent preferring to simply blather something mildly relevant in hopes that the fragile illusion of intelligence I so bravely maintain can somehow be sustained for one more day.

  3. Dude, it is so much easier shaving when you don't have a beard or a moustache. If you shave those off, I guarantee everyone will notice your new glasses. They'll be like "Whoa, dude, what happened. New glasses?" Of course, it'll take a few days for them to notice that you're clean-shaven.
    Seriously, they look nice.

  4. "I like the barely grin." Yeah, it is strangely inclusive, isn't it. Steve looks very approachable and friendly here (not to imply he's not that way normally, of course).

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