12 thoughts on “They don’t call it The Golden State for nothing…

  1. How funny…I just came in from snapping a pic of a beautiful sunset from our front deck about a half hour ago. Just haven't posted it yet. I like yours even better tho' because of the golden orb – gorgeous!!

  2. I'm so glad it's sunset season. I hope to get some good ones next time we're at the lake.
    On a side note, you don't have plans to go river rafting anytime soon, do you? I had this bizarre dream this morning after DH left for Mexico at 6 am and my alarm went off at 7:30. In it, you died river rafting!

  3. Tam — typically I would take a pic like that later so that the sun was lower and more of a disk, but it was such a great, golden evening I wanted to take it right then.

  4. jacolily — oh man! Fortunately for me, there's no whitewater (or any sort of rafting) on my agenda for the foreseeable future!! Next time, I'm in one of those weird early morning dreams, can't I just be kicking back and relaxing… :D

  5. Oh man jacolily! Promise if you ever have a dream with me in it where I die that you won't tell me. I would be too freaked out! No, wait…maybe you should tell me – no, don't.
    Geez – I'm freaked out for Steve. But I'd be more freaked out if he had a rafting trip planned- whew! Stay dry, my friend! :D

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