For Joie, and grrrace, and Janie

One of our networked computers has ~20000 songs loaded up on it… here's what I'll be listening to this afternoon….


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10 thoughts on “For Joie, and grrrace, and Janie

  1. No no — be impressed by my much more in-tune neighbors… in the earlier Coldplay post/poll there was a great out-pouring of love for Travis and I said I'd never heard of them, although I had, but didn't get around to listening to them then. As a result, I've spent a whole year Travis-free that I didn't have to.

  2. I can't take the credit for finding Travis. Steve introduced me to them. Although, I think I love them more than he does.
    By the way, finally got the new Death Cab and I love it!

  3. Turns out we have some of Travis in the iPod. But I listen to a lot of things that I love, like, or am mildly amused by, and never know who the artist is. I'll have to pay more attention to what my iPod is telling me while I am driving. I'll weigh in after I listen to these songs a few more times.

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