Me and My New Sunscreen

I have really fair skin.  Skin that I never paid much attention to growing up.  Because of that, I’ve had to have a number of skin-nasties (actinic keratoses and even one squamous cell carcinoma) frozen-off or cut-out over the last couple of years.

My dermatologist says “Sunscreen every day”, but during the workday lathering or spraying on sunscreen made me feel disgusting by lunchtime, so I avoided it.

So the last time I went in for a check-up, she showed me a new product from iS Clinical – a powder sunscreen.  No mess, no goop, no spray.  It goes on with a brush applicator (that reminds me of old shaving cream brushes…).  It’s clean and easy.  I love it.

Now I sunscreen every day without a second thought.  So, if you’re like me – need to sunscreen but hate the goop — ask your doctor about it.

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34 thoughts on “Me and My New Sunscreen

  1. Cool — I'll definitely tell my dad to look into this because he has the same type of skin type and has had several spots frozen off as well. (And he hates applying sunscreen.)

  2. No kidding! I suppose it's similar to those mineral-powder makeups with zinc in them. Much more manly, of course, though….
    Do you have to reapply it throughout the day or is it once & done?

  3. Very smart! It reminds me of the mineral powder make-ups (with zinc for sunscreen) that are hot on the market right now. Oh…I just saw Mello said that already. Oh, well…"great minds", right Mello?! :-)

  4. That's a really great idea. I've been using Aveeno's sunscreen, costs a fortune but it's a million times less greasy than all the other ones. I tried Neutrogena and it left gobs of white paste all over me – it wouldn't even come off with facial soap!
    I'm sure you already know this, but high antioxidants are healing for damaged skin, plus I read about another nutritional supplement recently….I'll have to look it up, drawing a blank right now.

  5. Thanks Mello, for allowing me to maintain my manliness. It's much appreciated. I usually put it on once if I'm going to stay in all day and "dust-up" a 2nd time if I head out.

  6. Kelly — my dermatologist keeps impressing on me that "indoor" exposure needs to be taken care of too — fluorescents are damaging (especially all day long), as can be just the sunlight that comes in through the window — so definitely care is worth it. :)

  7. *pause*
    Oh, crap.
    I'm going to have to get some then–my apartment is very sunny and I work under those fluorescent lights for 8-9 hours a day.

  8. I rarely wear sunscreen because the lotions make me sweat. I think I can handle powder sunscreen though!btw, I didn't know fluorescents were damaging, too. UGH.

  9. ontimeout — no, its not a prescription, but I don't think its sold in many places. I think they have a search engine on the iS-Clinical site showing where it can be purchased. The tube is pricey — but lasts a long time.

  10. jacolily — its not a prescription, but I don't think its sold in many places. There is a link on the website to call or to search for the outlet nearest you…

  11. Oh — I forgot — it's fairly expensive — ~$40/tube, but its lasted me longer than a couple of tubes of "regular" sunscreen, so I think it balances out… might even be cheaper in the long haul.

  12. This would do well here in Australia where we have a huge sun cancer rate. A lot of women I know don't like to wear sunscreen under makeup for that same reason – too greasy. And don't forget the tops of your ears!

  13. While very interesting and information, I couldn't help but imagine you saying "I'm a doctor, and I don't play one on TV" when I saw the pic of you holding the brush up! :-)
    I did not know that flourescents were damaging….I'm currently sitting under 18 bright tubes…..YUCK. I practically immersed myself in SPF50 on Saturday for a canoe trip. It was totally worth it – not a single burn or even red patch from several hours outside.

  14. I could do with this too! I don't have your kind of fair skin, of course, but EVERYONE needs sunscreen in this tropical climate. And because I too loathe the oiliness that comes with lotions I just avoid them. Let me see if you get this powder stuff here.

  15. J — yeah, I still go for the "heavy-duty" sprays when I know I'm going to be out for a long time, and as long as I'm good about re-applying I really haven't had any problems. And I should know, b/c I'm a doctor… or something… :)

  16. I love this! My skin is already at the greasy end of the spectrum (ew), so I hate slathering anything onto my face. This sunscreen sounds like it was made for me.
    *goes to buy some*

  17. Now that is awesome! It kind of reminds me of the new bare minerals make up that you just brush on. I'm loving that (instead of the goopy stuff) Not that you're wearing make up or anything – although I wonder if they offer tinted sunscreen? That would be super-cool as well!

  18. I am so far behind on my online social life, it's not even funny! Thanks for mentioning this product. My family and I rarely wear sunscreen; we should really break that bad habit. My husband burns very easily and unusually fast (oddly I am a lot more fair than he is and yet I rarely burn).Approximately how long do you estimate one tube will last with daily use?

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