A Mid(Atlantic)summer (fort)Night’s Dream

Alright – we’re off (very early tomorrow morning) for our summer family tour!  We’re heading back to the East Coast for almost two weeks.  The main reason to go is for the Beloved’s folks’ 50th wedding anniversary – we’re meeting them at one of their favorite places on the “Northern Neck” of Virginia on the Chesapeake Bay.  Should be fun – that’s a part of the Bay I’ve never seen before.

Before that though, we’ve scheduled a brief visit with my brother in NJ and a longer one with my sister in MD (I still haven’t seen her new place that she moved into last Spring, mostly because I didn’t go back for Christmas/New Year’s last year…).   And, of course, we’re going to cram in as many visits with friends as we can get.  Should be hectic (and a lot of driving…), but we want to make the most of it.

We’ll probably have pretty spotty internet contact, so don’t drop me from your neighborhoods because I’m not commenting or posting, or force-quit our scrabulous games because they’ve gone “inactive”.

See you in a couple of weeks!

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31 thoughts on “A Mid(Atlantic)summer (fort)Night’s Dream

  1. Wow, look how (relatively speaking) close you'll be to Massachusetts! Too bad we're not travelling south this week. I'd want you to make one of those lemontellas (LOL spelling?) for me.
    I promise I won't drop you, but I expect pictures when you come back!! Judging from S.C., I bet that area is really gorgeous.
    Have a really great time!!

  2. When you mentioned "vacation" within your comment on my beet salad post, I had to come see where you are headed. What a great trip this will be. Wow… 50 years – that is something to travel across the country for and celebrate. Have fun seeing your family & friends too. You'll be missed, but never deleted, dropped or forgotten!

  3. Have a great trip! I am jealous that I won't get to meet you like some people I could mention but won't, because I'm seething with jealousy :)
    Speaking of Scrabulous, thanks for not forcing a win on me. I had totally forgotten all about it until you mentioned it. I went and checked my facebook and saw that I had six inactive games. Better get my game on.

  4. Jay — I would LOVE for you to!! That's the problem when you're competing against immediate family…. we're going to have to do a stealth extra day next time… though I promise you if time shakes free — I'm calling you.

  5. You sure you can't squeeze in a visit to Nashville??! Maybe even a layover? COME ON! Just think…..free place to stay…..good food…..fantastic company…. :-)

  6. If you make it over to Philly, don't forget to get yourself the best cheesesteak in the MidAtlantic region. Not generally open on weekends, grill shuts down at 2:30PM on weekdays. I mean, they won a James Beard culinary award, for gosh sake.
    If you can't make it across the river, you should know that Tacconelli's Pizza is now available in Maple Shade.

  7. Have an enjoyable trip. My folks celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary in July of 2000. They needed me so I interviewed for jobs in the area and received a promotion in the process. I moved in with them after Labor Day 2000 and took care of them until they passed away. I will always be grateful for the time I was able to spend with them in their last days rather then living 500 miles away.

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