Dessert For Our Vacation

As if we needed a little more proof that there’s something special to many of these vox relationships, here’s a story of our last day on our trip.  We had decided to spend the last night in Washington DC because we were leaving the next day to return to California from Dulles.

Since we were going to be in DC, I contacted one of my most favorite people, erincarly to see if she was free to meet for happy-hour or dinner – and she was!  We got to our hotel (which unbeknownst to us was about 2 block from where e*c works – talk about karma) and had a little time to kill so we walked around the neighborhood for a bit after our long car ride.  We walked over to DuPont Circle and found this great bookstore (Kramerbooks) that had café and bar in the back.  The Beloved said to me, “If I lived around here, you might never get me out of that place…”

Forward a few hours and we meet up with erin-carly (and yes, she might even be cooler and more fun in person than online) and bring up the topic of having dinner and e*c says, “Hey, there’s this great bookstore near here that has a bar/grille in the back…” – and from there you just KNEW it was gonna be a really fun night.

We had a great dinner (and dessert!) and talked and talked, and then took a nice walk on a pleasant summer evening to e*c’s metro stop.  Really really fun and a wonderful way to wrap up our vacation.

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9 thoughts on “Dessert For Our Vacation

  1. how cool you met someone from VOX while on the east coast! I am going to london in september and I might be meeting with with "G" – who lives/works in london. it should be an interesting experience.

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