Me and My Old Hometown

For such a small state, I’ve spent a fairly significant chunk of time in Delaware.  I earned my undergraduate degree at the University of Delaware (4 years), worked as a chemistry technician for DuPont (1 year), and worked for the DuPont again after I got my PhD (3 years).

As we were headed up to New Jersey during our recent East Coast swing, I took the opportunity to show the Beloved the house I used to live in with Roomie in Wilmington.  I figured we’d just do a drive by, because – well, its Wilmington. (Slogan: A Place To Be Somebody) – I hadn’t really given it much thought.

But we stopped and walked around the old neighborhood and it looked great.  We drove over to the Experimental Station, and I found myself pointing out things left and right  (that’s where so-and-so lived… oh, that’s the get-shot-Acme… and the bulletproof liquor store… and where we played tennis, etc.) – and remembering the city a lot more fondly than I would have expected.

We also stopped for a bit at an old converted mill where I would occasionally take my lunch break to get out of the lab for a bit – it’s a great place right on the Brandywine River near the original DuPont gunpowder mills.  And on our way out of town, we stopped for a bit at Rockford Park, which has a great stone water-holding tower (built around the beginning of the 20th century).

I hadn’t thought about good ol’ “Wilmo” in quite some time – our stop there was really an unexpected treat.

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16 thoughts on “Me and My Old Hometown

  1. Beautiful pictures! I've never been to Delaware, it seems to be small enough a state that I always missed it in my wondering days in the East Coast. I might have to make time to visit in the future.

  2. Breck's Mill is really beautiful. I've been to Wilmington, NC (and no, it wasn't because of Dawson's Creek, although I did see Katie Holmes in some random store) but not the Other Wilmington….really pretty pictures.

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