On Your Birthday You Get To Eat Whatever You Want

Don't judge me.  It's a better choice than the bottle of scotch I received as a present…. :)

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63 thoughts on “On Your Birthday You Get To Eat Whatever You Want

  1. Happy Birthday! I've ordered chocolate from them before and always wondered how that bar tastes….so, how is it? What are you and the Beloved doing to celebrate (beside eat chocolate – a good choice by the way)?

  2. Thanks Janette!! The Beloved's actually been away on business this week, so her coming back tonight is a great present all in itself. I think we're going to treat herself to a little R&R — after the east coast tour, I got a cold and she went on her trip — so we're still waiting to unwind from our vacation!
    The chocolate bar was actually pretty. darn. good — especially if you like savory/sweet combos.

  3. Kelly — not gross. Good infact — especially if you like the whole savory sweet combo. Definitely not on a healthy diet plan — unless its your birthday too… ;)

  4. Ho-lee smokes. Please let me know if that tastes how one would expect it to taste. You know, like chocolate and bacon together. Those are two of my favourite foods, but together? I don't know about that.

  5. Thanks Janie!! I couldn't tell you — it was a gift from someone that clearly knows me pretty well. If I had to guess, I'd try a Whole Foods/Wild Oats sort of place… :)

  6. Hey, that's funny I think I saw one of these in the health food store, of all places. Totally Happy Birthday, and I hope you're recovered from your cold! Indulge! Indulge!

  7. Hapa — you're not aspiring anymore!! You're a total FOODIE (and thats a good thing) — when I get gasoline in the mornings I sometimes get myself a chocolate milk and little donettes. I just do.

  8. Thanks N!! I had never had it before — in fact, I'd never seen it before… it was pretty darn good. I shared it with some baconphiles at work — its got the whole salty-savory-sweet thing going.

  9. Thanks grrrace!! It was TOTALLY a little salty a little sweet. Neither was overpowering. In fact — early you'd taste the chocolate and at the finish you'd taste the bacon.

  10. darn it. thanks, though! i'm going to keep my eyes open for it… i think i might love it. steve said he had some chocolate bar that had jalapenos or chili peppers (or something hot, anyway) in it. and he said that it was surprisingly good… 2 chocolate bars i MUST FIND.

  11. Oh — the ones with chili pepper in them are my favorite (and you can definitely get them at chuao… they have them in the oc, right?) — also they make super awesome hot chocolate.

  12. it says that they sell it at whole foods and ralph's. but i haven't seen it there. although, i haven't exactly been looking either. i'll have to check the next time i go to whole foods. :)

  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! On my birthday, I ate whatever I wanted. Bad idea. I had a cholesterol blood test the next day. Results were not good. Doctor was relieved when I told him what had happened and rescheduled the test.Maybe I should have waited to have my birthday celebration AFTER the test. Then I could have had chocolate + bacon too!!!

  14. Happy Birthday!!!I am a fan of Vosges. They have parties in their shops in Chicago where the let you try as many truffles as you like while you sip champagne. If you get a chance, try their ice cream (I recommend the wattleseed) – some of the specialty grocers carry it.I saw a small Mo's bar at Whole Foods. It looked about the perfect size. Chocolate and bacon is a bit decadent, but a divine combination.Enjoy!!

  15. Oh man, I'm such a loser! I can't believe I missed your birthday!! I'm so sorry….but I hope it – and your chocolate bar – were good. It looks incredible to me.

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