Yesterday marked my second anniversary blogging here on vox.  The title refers to the number of posts that I’ve written during that time.  Wow.  That’s essentially one every-other-day for two years.  I don’t think there is any other conclusion after having started from a “Let’s see what this is like” experiment, that that I’ve grown to like this stuff.


I did a little tag-archeology to look at what have been the top-10 most popular topics over the last two years – which I think is a pretty darn good summary of me:

San Diego – I like the town I live in
The Aerie – I  like the house we moved into in the spring of 2007
Philadelphia Eagles – I love/hate them
Science – I don’t talk about work, but that doesn’t keep me from weighing on things I think are cool (or not-cool as the case may be).
Travel – we like going places
Piano – not as many posts as year-1, but its still going on and getting incrementally better!
Books – yep, always like to read
Family –  usually traveling to them and receiving them as visitors, or reminiscing.
Happy Hour – I like a good drink
Moving – it pre-occupied the first 6 months of 2007, but that’s ok, I’m never moving again.

How’s year-2 been different than year-1?  Mostly, I think it’s summed up before – I’ve grown to really like doing this – and rather than some sort of novelty, this has become an integral part of what I do on a day-to-day basis.  And as such, the relationships formed here have become as real and important to me as those from other spheres of my life (school friends, work friends, and now blog-friends…).  And like friends from other parts of life, you expect some to flourish and some to fade, and that’s ok.

So, from Hapalove (who was the first person to leave me a comment that I didn’t previously know IRL that’s still in my hood) to Cat (my newest neighbor from Oz), thanks for coming along with me.  You're very much appreciated — You guys are the best!

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43 thoughts on “347

  1. It's really mutual, Steve! Having someone who both writes and appreciates science posts is like gold, and the icing on the cake is that you've got great humor and creativity. Speaking of that, what piano pieces are your favorites these days?? The amateur / intermediate pieces are actually some of my favorite.

  2. You know Steve with a little bit of work I think we could bump The Eagles up to the top of that list by your 3 year blogiversary. I mean with another mediocre season on the horizon, there should be lot's to Love/Hate about the Eagles (especially if they bust out those baby blue and gold uniforms again)

  3. Thanks Maya — I've been thinking I need to get back in my science-writing groove — a lot of times the things I really care about are too close to work and so I back off.
    Piano's good — I need to post about it. My teacher's taking me through a workbook which has been good, b/c its forced me to play styles and rhythms that I wouldn't normally graduate to.

  4. Thanks, Budd — we scientists are always collecting and evaluating data… if I was really good, I would have compared the number of comments per post versus content…. next rainy day perhaps.

  5. You know Skins, I think that's probably true — San Diego had 38 and the Eagles had 25…. but how many more posts can you have about the Wild Animal Park right — while the football season can yield a good 12-18 posts easy!!

  6. Happy 2nd anniversary.
    I have met some people who I actually wish I could meet in person someday, and a couple who I did do. And they weren't nutters or anything either, just people like me.
    There is criticism about the Net and having relationships with people that aren't "real". I disagree, at least from the way I have been doing it. (then there are those people who develop fantasy relationships and make up stuff about themselves…they should stick to 2nd Life illusionville—or the ones who are insecure and mean and pick on others, they should stick to their own little miserable world of their mind and sod off) There are several people who crack me up with their mighty wit, several who I feel are kindred spirits, several who are kindred science geeks, and those who share my passion for protecting the environment and its critters. And there is one who I wanted to shag.
    This is so much better than meeting people in bars, or wherever it is people meet new people. I rarely go to bars, and lots of times if you meet someone in the street or grocery store, etc they are nutters.

  7. I'm close to 2 years myself and it's just amazing that it's been that long!! You are of course one of my favorite VOX neighbors to read both your posts and comments. I hope the next 2 years are as good as the last 2 years…:)

  8. Happy anniversary! (Voxiversary?) This would've been two years for me on the original ASbJ, too, had I not moved all the content to WordPress and then deleted it. Weird to think I've been blogging for this long…but I'm totally glad you decided to give Vox a try. :)

  9. Happy #2 (wait, that doesn't sound right …) from the East coast. You remain one of my favorites to read, and who doesn't love a scientist who posts drink recipes?!?

  10. GB — I think there is something about how people are free to self-associate here for all the reasons that you mentioned —- moreso than in local situations when you might often be put into contact with folks you'd rather not be — but here, like the tv, you can always change the channels to what you like.

  11. What a terrific post! Happy Anniversary. Hmm, let's see, though I enjoy all your topics, I think I do love the science posts the best. They are unique and I always end up thinking about something that I never would have otherwise. I'm glad you're blogging and in my 'hood.

  12. Happy Voxiversary! You are by far one of my favorite people in my 'hood. I'll have to make it down to SD one of these days to meet you and the Beloved. I'm jealous of all your photos with other Voxers!
    It also makes me wonder when my Voxiversary is…
    *scurries off to find out*

  13. Thanks PVD! I enjoy writing them too — sometimes I have to get careful that I don't tread on work stuff, but I really do like science of all kinds. I wanted to be an astronomer when I was little.

  14. Thanks, Cori!! We'd love to visit with you here in SD — just think about the different possibilities: surf & sand, tennis and cocktails! (Oddly enough, I don't actually own a Scrabble board — someone in the house doesn't like to play…)

  15. Happy Voxiversary to one of my favoritest e-friends! =D Let's bump that number up from about every other day to about every day, how 'bout it.

  16. I'm a long time friend of Jack Yan's and as I recall saw your link on his Vox site. The first post of yours that I read was about your trip to Los Angeles including the La Brea Tar Pits. I really enjoyed your pictures and writing style. Keep up the great work – the San Diego Union should hire you as a writer! Best, Zak

  17. Hey Steve, congratulations on your second year. I know I've not been around that much since we started our new lives in our dream location but I'm starting to get on top of things now, even to the point of logging in to my hood to see what's up and catching your anniversary post. Glad I caught it. For me it's our shared love of books that brought me to your blog, particularly the George R.R. Martin ones. You and greywolf are my book friends on Vox and it's great to see what you're both up to bookwise and, by extension, lifewise. Hopefully I'll be around a lot more in your third year of Voxing. Looking forward to it!CamsPS. Here's an appropriate picture for you to celebrate:Happy Birthday!

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