So, I’ve never been the kind of guy that needs the latest gadgets.  I didn’t own a cell phone until 2002.  I don’t replace it every year with a new model.  I don’t download games or take pictures with it.

I was slow to get an iPod and use iTunes.  I mean, I was a PC-guy.  I had a trusty Dell that came with MusicMatch Jukebox.  It worked fine.  I’ve used a PC at work my whole career.  Microsoft products?  Why be a hater?  Word, Office, Excel, Powerpoint, Project – like falling off a log.  I’m quick with the right-click.

This is in contrast to the Beloved, who having come more from the academic world than my corporate-dominated life had gravitated to Apple products.  Look how beautiful, she would say!  (Look how expensive, I would retort)… Look!  No viruses, she would cheer! (Protection software works fine, I’d grumble).  I was sticking to my guns, dammit.  Apples had always seemed a little too much style over substance, perhaps and there was a whiff of “hippie” that kept me resisting.

Then, I got an iPod a couple of years ago, and realized that ok, sure – iTunes is really a lot easier than what I had been using.  Fine.  But I could use it on my PC with no problems.  It wasn’t like I was giving in, right?

And then my Dell started getting a little long in the tooth and there were noises about getting a new computer for my birthday.  And then about a month ago – despite my protective software – there was a  bad bad virus infestation.  My trusty old Dell ground to a halt, and the choice was made.

So, I welcomed a new gadget into my life – a gorgeous 20” iMac.  It’s big, shiny, pretty and super-fast.  This weekend I spent some time moving over files (music, photos, financial, etc.) from the Dell to the new computer.  Pretty easy.

Now only if I could stop myself from right-clicking.

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47 thoughts on “Conversion

  1. there was a whiff of “hippie” that kept me resisting.Hahaha you said it. That and the fact that Apple products do seem utterly overpriced to me. I'll be interested to know how you like your iMac in the days to come — I'm not a gadgety person either and just look for good functionality and value for money. Tell me if you feel the iMac fulfils these criteria. I think I'm sort of waiting to be convinced.

  2. I hope that drink is stiff…I know I would need it to make that big of a change…and I would never, never, never buy an iPod or any iCrap. It's only a name and that's what you payed for.

  3. I admit switching over for the "cute" factor (I had an educational discount for grad school), but now I actually like the interface better. Dan has a kick ass PC for gaming that I use if I want to play a game that isn't out for Mac so I didn't really have to give up all ties to PC-land. :)
    I've had my PowerBook for 3 years with no problems yet. Your shiny new iMac is very pretty.

  4. Welcome to our world. It's so shiny and pretty here.
    I've had my MacBook Pro for almost two and a half years and I've had no problems. I love the thing.
    And you can use a regular right-click mouse with a Mac no problem. :)

  5. Yeah I'm told there's some firmware that you can download that lets you do right-click with the mac mouse… I've not gotten it because I got used to ctrl clicking. Now having said that. Mac mouses SUCK! They are crap, and are not anywhere near the quality standards that the rest of the company has. Unless you are a compulsive clean-freak the scroll ball will gum-up eventually and then it is impossible to clean. You literally have to break the mouse to get at it. However, rest of Imac is a thing of beauty. Oh, and play around with Exposé settings, that little tool is my favorite thing about the whole freaking operating system. I operate in 5 to 10 windows nearly constantly and expose makes switching between them so fluid it's unbelievable.

  6. I'm really interested to see how your like it as time goes on. I've been debating making the jump. I'm thinking once I get my new job, and I have to turn in my company laptop, I might get a mac book pro. You might be the deciding factor Steve – keep me informed.

  7. Wonderful! I still remember what you told me that day I met you, as I prepared my Powerbook G3 to run my presentation. It has been a long time since then, and you have seen the light. Not only are Mac nicer to look at, they are much nicer to work with. You will love it now, and you will love it years to come!

  8. I do love love love apple products. But at the present time I can not afford them. So I am using a trusty dell. I do still have a mac laptop that still works after about 7-8 years, but….I sure do wish i could upgrade.

  9. You beat me to this post!!!!! Guess what my graduation present was? :)Also: Go to "system preferences," then "keyboard and mouse," then "mouse," and set the right side of the mouse to "secondary button." Right click is back, my friend. Your fears were for nothing!! You can continue work on that rap classic-in-the-making HapaLove suggested.I'm excited! We're Mac converts together!

  10. Was close to getting another Mac last summer until the new ipods came out and I couldn't use them unless I upgraded to Panther but could use them with plain old XP. That put a very Microsoft taste in my mouth. Linux is the path to true enlightenment my friend…:)Oh yeah and……:)

  11. Crossed over to the Dark Side?! I built my own PC something that you can't do with an Apple product. Proprietary products do cost more; I hope you enjoy your new acquisition.

  12. LC — I will definitely let you know. The value (bang for my buck) has always been my question about them — of course — this was a gift, so it's a little hard to do that calculation.

  13. bookish — the design element is not to be forgotten. It's a beautiful machine and without the "box" of a typical desktop, its very clean. (Which of course is hard to appreciate on my messy desk…)

  14. Steve — I will keep you posted. So far, so good — but this weekend is the first time I'll try anything more complicated than moving files, listening to music and playing scrabble.

  15. Hah — you got a better memory than me, then. I'm sure it was some snide remark about Macs in the workplace — though it probably wasn't TOO snide, since I'd just met you…

  16. Actually, he or she has no name so far. But it's a distinct possibility that one will emerge……oh, and thanks to my then-lingering student status, I managed to get a free iPod nano with my Apple purchase! I'll be introducing Maggie Gyllenhaal soon. =D

  17. – a whiff of “hippie” – I love it! A good chuckle to finish a long day. I guess I'm a bit of a hippie at heart but the price tag has always kept on the outside. Although I was big Apple geek back in the Apple II days before the Mac was around so I guess it's only a matter of time before I return.

  18. Oh, you best be braggin!! =D Do you like it? I felt a little wary of the touch, just because in general, the more fancypants the technology, the more I'm terrified to use it, haha. And what will you name your new baby?!?! Hmm?!

  19. I think Macs are cool-looking, but I just can't justify the price for myself. When I (finally) get a laptop in the next few months, I'll be sticking with one that's Windows-based. Nobody I know has ever had any problems with Vista, and in the long run, I'm sure I'll find better things to do with the $1000 I save. Ditto when it comes to upgrading my phone. I'm going with the Instinct rather than the iPhone. (That being said — I wouldn't get any other type of mp3 player than an iPod.)

  20. um, no, I'm not ready yet. not at all. I can design things and right click just fine with my HP laptop, thankyouverymuch.then again, if I were to receive one as a gift, well, you know, I'm hip to persuasion…

  21. I've always been a PC person but I'm not opposed to Macs. I love my iPod and we used to have the Creative Zen mp3 players. Mac definitely does a better job with those.
    I do have to say that I really hate the Mac commercials bashing the PC's. I mean it's really not as bad as they portray. But oh well…I guess for them it's a good marketing campaign.
    Congrats on your new computer. It looks really nice!

  22. Great post Steve. I dipped my toe in the Apple waters about 18 months ago now with a Macbook. It took me a while to get to like it and I didn't use it much to begin with. Then came the time to get my wife a new work computer so we got a 24 inch iMac like yours (only bigger!) with 10.5 on it and I upgraded to 10.5 on the Macbook as well. I now use the Macbook ever day at work but my main computer at home is still a PC. I built my own, in fact I have two that I built, one now relegated to music serving duties; both were built to be as quiet as possible as I do home recording of my guitar playing (or, rather, did home recording). My PC is now long in the tooth and needing an upgrade and I'm pretty certain that I will stick with Windows. I still feel more comfortable with XP than with OS X and you certainly can't build your own Mac. It was really interesting to read your switching story and I'd be keen to hear after a couple of months' use what you like and dislike about the OS X. I for one miss my favourite audio tagging programme (mp3tag) and image viewer (irfanview).

  23. Gosh! Welcome to the future! That machine looks awesome. I'm really Mac illiterate – We have some at work in the creative department, but I doubt I could even turn one on if I needed to.

  24. Thanks Cams — it will be an interesting switch for me too I think. I don't have need to use software as specific as yours (well, I do at work — and that's why we have PCs there, too) at home. But I've always heard that macs were good for multimedia — pictures, music, movies, etc and I'm curious to see what it can do.

  25. dewitte — i think one of their whole schticks is that you don't need to be very proficient to use one. I will admit, my head is still having issues with figuriing out a few of the configuration things, but I don't think it will take long at all to get used to.

  26. It is one of the only clear choices if you don't like Vista and you aren't willing to run Linux. Either you stick with something old like XP or you jump ship and move onto another platform (which, admittedly, looks quite nice).

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