Me and My Favorite Stoplight

Coming back from my piano lesson (which is on Monday evenings after work), I almost always stop for this left turn at the intersection of the Pacific Coast Highway and Carmel Valley Road.  From the light, you look down on Torrey Pines State Beach, the cliffs of Torrey Pines State Park (on the left), and the point that forms La Jolla (on the right).

Unfortunately, I only had a couple of seconds (because the light turned green!), and the camera autofocused on my hand and not the vista. D'oh!

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21 thoughts on “Me and My Favorite Stoplight

  1. So as I was driving right by that light at lunchtime, I was trying to figure out why I like the photo as is. I think it's nicely focused, because it gives a sense of you (the photographer), and makes the viewer "work" a little to determine the location. There's a definite sense of place and what you're doing at the time, which I think would be muted if the photo was just a photo of the road. :)

  2. Hey, is this the light where the "if you have the martini … " line comes from? I miss those views so much. Thanks for posting a picture just to remind me how nice it is.

  3. Thanks Hapa!! I wish that I could claim that I was thinking all those things when I snapped two pics in like 5 seconds. One thing is funny though, I was disappointed initially that it wasn't clearer last night — but maybe that little bit of haze worked in the pics favor in the end… :)

  4. Thanks Cat — I was wearing a black shirt yesterday — though I probably could have been more sinister if I didn't admit that I was coming back from my piano lesson… ;)

  5. No fear, Jay — the local commuter train (the Coaster) goes right under the bridge that is dead ahead in that picture. Great views from that train as it goes up the coast for sure!

  6. That's one of those happy accidents that can make a piece of art so unique. I love it. I was more intrigued by the scenery because it was a bit challenging to see. I can't imagine a more lovely drive home – that landscape, with sweet piano tunes ringing in my ears. How nice.

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