Labor Day Treat

So yesterday, the Beloved and I had a real Labor Day treat.  We had brunch with Cori and Noelle!  Cori was down here visiting Noelle on an impromptu getaway and we took advantage of that to get together.

As with all the excellent vox get togethers this summer – getting to meet your friends for the first time is so strange and fun – because you fall right into conversation like you’ve been friends for years – which when you think about it, we have.
My only regret was that I didn’t have a chance to crush Cori at tennis and/or Scrabble.  Next time for sure… (see what a nice friend I am) :)

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12 thoughts on “Labor Day Treat

  1. We did!! :) It was another choice of someone's coming from North County and we're coming from RP — can't think of a cooler place that's in the middle. As usual good food, so-so service… :)

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