So, on a September’s day twenty-nine years ago, I was sitting in my first week of high school religion class.  Father Hesson was performing his own Inquisistion – testing us trembling frosh in Prayers We Ought to Know — and I’m not talking “Our Father” and “Hail Mary”, I’m talking “Act of Contrition” and “Apostle’s Creed” level here.  Self-consciously (as no one had yet known theirs), I rifled through mine and was surprised when the guy behind me aced his, too.  It may sound strange, but a friendship was struck on the mutual respect of Actually-Having-Paid-Attention-In-Grade-School-A-Little.

That friendship has is now poised to enter its fourth decade, and has bested many many ups and downs and now-forgotten prayers – though our friendship has included a fair amount of praying — typically of the: “Oh God, get me though this morning and I promise I won’t drink again…” sort as I recall.

He’s seen them all: High School Steve, Slacker Steve, New Steve, Reasonable Steve, O’Friels Irish Pub Drunken Steve, Bad-Picker Steve, She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named-Coupled-Steve, California Steve, Happy-As-Ever-Have-Been-Aerie Steve – and steadfastly stood by each one – and all the ones in-between.

And after a couple of years of monitoring, he’s ventured into his own vox blog!  I’m very excited about it.  So go by, say hi, and maybe even add him to your ‘hood if you’re so inclined.  You’ll find a good writer and a great soul, even if he is a blood-sucking lawyer.

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12 thoughts on “Mud-brother

  1. Isn't it amazing how lifetime friendships get started sometimes? I love the story. I'll definitely go say hi. I'm not afraid of a blood-sucking lawyer as long as he's a friend of yours.

  2. One of my best friends I met when I was fifteen, so that makes it a thirty year friendship, and it's nice to have someone around who knew me as a kid. Not just as wife. mother, work associate etc. Someone who just knows who you were before all the hard work started.

  3. Hmph. I hope your bloodsucking lawyer (hmph again) gives us all the dirt on you just because you called him that ;o)Old friends are great. They're a bridge between the past and present. Mine remind me of how I've changed in the years I've known them, and the wonderful people that they are, they keep me humble by vividly recalling, now and then, some of my worst blunders.

  4. Geez, I was doing so well on this intro until the end. Well, if company's coming, I'd better put out some chips and dip. And perhaps a picture or two from one of Steve's earlier "incarnations." (heh heh) No, no, I'd never consider this as payback. Perish the thought.

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