Friday Happy Hour — The Sazerac

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14 thoughts on “Friday Happy Hour — The Sazerac

  1. This drink sounds great. I too like the old school cocktails. I tell people I am a fan of the holy trinity +1 “Vodka, Gin, Bourbon and Scotch”. Save the umbrellas for the beach.
    Thanks for posting the recipe. Now I need to get some herbsaint.

  2. I've never even tasted anything like that, growing up in a Mennonite household. But that is one beautiful photograph with the way the light interacts with the glass and labels. Beautiful!

  3. Zak — it's just a little more vigorous than "dashing" … ;) Actually, you don't use that much, since you toss most of it. Herbsaint is really strongly flavored and will take over most drinks if there's too much in it.

  4. Thanks Kletterman! It took me a while to find a right recipe for me. The smeared-all-around-the-glass dash of herbsaint really is the key, I think.I'm not opposed to a fruity drink now and again, but those are usually mid-day vacation at the beach affairs… :)

  5. My culinary warrior friend JSin says that the Sazerac is what you order when you want to test if a bartender really knows his stuff. Nice! (Though, I've tried one, and my palate isn't ready for it…)

  6. Hapa — well, I don't know if mine would stand up to a culinary warrior, but there was a pretty good deal of trial-and-error to get the ingredients, ratios, and preparation to where I liked it! :)

  7. Sooooo.Silly question, but why am I shaking the herbsaint in the glass with ice then tossing the ice? Why not just swirl some around in the glass then if there is any left toss it.Do you suppose that a guy who's planning to buy some absinthe could sub absinthe for herbsaint? Sure it will cost a bit more per drink but that way I don't have to buy two bottles.Bourbon is one of my two "will not drink" drinks (the one is beer) but I'm really curious to try this.

  8. (Fish)!! You can swirl the herbsaint in the glass instead of shaking with ice, but in my tests, I was able to get a more consistent flavor by shaking with ice. There also be something to getting the glass cold.I believe that absinthe would work — and there's no requirement for bourbon — the classic ingredient is rye whiskey. I'm not much of a whiskey drinker either, but I like this drink.

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