Our New Baby

Grand, that is.

So, after coming to a conclusion that our interminable re-do of the backyard at the Aerie was going to cost less than we thought it would (in terms of money, not time or annoyance), we decided what to do with the left over.

Save it?  No, not quite.

Invest it?  Certainly not now.

No, as good Americans, we decided to help stimulate the economy by purchasing a piano.  So, after several weeks of reading and looking, fortuitous timing and circumstances brought us in contact with the UCSD piano sale (a yearly event for new and used pianos).  As it happened, the new piano I had my eye on (it’s the last one on the page (EGP-183C)…) was there and on significant discount.  Woo hoo!

And it was delivered today!  She came in weighing 800 pounds and about 72” long.

Now, I really gotta keep playing!

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43 thoughts on “Our New Baby

  1. Wow!! Stunning, and the colors go very nicely with the room its in. What will be your first piece you play?? Worth the money, absolutely. And, LOL on behalf of the American economy, I thank you.
    We scientists need to keep our minds sharp, so look at the piano as an investment in your brain (as I'm sure you know, studies show its true). :)

  2. Oh DROOL! I was thinking just the other day that if I hadn't inherited a fantastic upright piano (that I usually play after dark when no one is home) that a grand would certainly be on my list of ways to treat myself. I've wanted a grand for as long as I can remember! Drool, Drool, DROOL!
    Looks fantastic BTW!

  3. Holy crow, what a nice piano! I'm thinking when the girls get a little older I might be looking at an upright – I'm already eyeballing the wall where it would go and making sure my wife doesn't get too attached to the space…

  4. Just fabulous! We will be in the market for a "real" piano within the next year or so, assuming the Little continues her progress. Jealousy burning from way over here, but so happy for you!

  5. Gohgeous, dahling!! I must say you had me for a minute, though. I was thinking to myself "I didn't realize he had kids more or less grandbabies"! I know you're not that old either so I thought maybe the Beloved had children from a previous relationship.

  6. AC — first thing is you REALLY shouldn't listen to DaveB… ;)I told a friend here that I feel like a 16-yo that's been given the keys to a sports car — and I don't really know how to drive it!

  7. No we never had a real piano growing up, just a really old keyboard. So I stopped taking them but I can still play pretty well. Sometimes I just sit down and play out of my old piano books. I hope to some day have a real piano and maybe start up again. :o)

  8. Oh Rhea — that would mean that I was able to overcome my reticence to play in public — though I DID manage to plink out a couple of carols at a dinner party we had a couple weeks ago.

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