Eagles “D” Produces Treats

I have a friend at work.  Her name is Lisa.  She’s nice.  Works hard.  Cheerful.  Smart.  Witty.

She also happens to be a Steelers fan.  So, while we were out at a get together the other day in honor of someone from our group that’s leaving, we got to talking about football, specifically this week’s Eagles-Steelers game.  Trash-talk ensued.  Wagers were proposed.

Lisa suggested that if Steelers should beat the Eagles, we would have “office-swap” – you see, I have a fairly large office (corner!) and Lisa resides in a cubicle.  In exchange, if the Eagles won, I would get a “treat” (Lisa is well aware of my sweet-tooth) every day this week.

Well, make way for some extra calories, because the Eagles defense turned in a masterpiece – harassing the Pittsburgh Steelers (and QB Ben Roethlisberger in particular) relentlessly, ultimately being the driving force – even forcing a safety — in a hard-fought 15-6 victory.

And while the Pittsburgh offense struggled all day, the Eagles offense could do little better.  They moved the ball  fairly effectively in the first half, getting a TD pass from McNabb to Correll Buckhalter, but left points on the board, settling for a close-in FG from David Akers and fumbling away their first drive when they were within reach of scoring.  An ankle injury to Brian Westbrook (which kept him out of the last 3 quarters of the game) and a roughed up McNabb had the offense moving in fits and starts in the second half.

The game seemed like one of those that could turn on one big play, but none really materialized for either team – the Eagles taking advantage of the safety and Big Ben fumble in their own end to get a FG to safely make a two-score lead in the 4thQ, which they were able to ride out to the end.

Can’t wait to see Monday’s treat…

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9 thoughts on “Eagles “D” Produces Treats

  1. Congratulations! Actually, your synopsis sounds somewhat like the Vikings' victory over Carolina. Good D, average O, other team never got it going. Here's to something yummy for you tomorrow!

  2. ancora-impara — yes, his two punts in the second half must have been really demoralizing for a team that was having a hard time making any first downs. I've been happily impressed by the special teams this year (with the exception of the Dallas runback) — I used to cringe during punts and returns — now they can contribute.

  3. jacolilly — If I hadn't made that wager with Lisa, I thought I would start this week's post about how nice you and your family are, and how we seem to agree on so many things. Except one thing…. :) (I really hadn't seen the defense put a game like that together in a long time)

  4. I reckon after the 6th or 7th sack, Roethlisberger must have been having motorcycle crash flashbacks. The last time I saw that many sacks is when the Giants pummeled McNabb last September. Could the Eagles strong defensive showing (of this week) and explosive offensive (of last week) pull them deep into the off season this year? Seemed to work for the often overlooked Giants of last season.

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