Shhh — it’s a Secret (Weekend)

So, The Beloved gets to open her last birthday present tomorrow morning, even though her actual birthday was back in June.  This present is a Secret Weekend trip — which turns out to be something of which we’re starting to build a little history.
Our first one was a Christmas present for her (which we took in April that year — this was pre-blog), we ended up going to Laguna Beach and having a great weekend there.  Last summer, you might recall that I received my own birthday Secret Weekend, which was a fantastic science and music trip to Los Angeles.

So far, that’s been pretty greater LA-centric.  A few confidants have been informed and solicited for suggestions (so still don’t say anything – you know who you are!!), but most folks are in the dark.  And the Beloved is in the dark as far as I can tell — she was peppering me pretty hard last night and this morning, but I think I was able to blunt her questions with a mixture of feigned ignorance and red-herrings.

I guess she’ll have to be patient and find out tomorrow!
Have a great weekend, everyone!

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25 thoughts on “Shhh — it’s a Secret (Weekend)

  1. hmm… that looks suspiciously like some of the coastline up near my grandparents…. i'm definitely jealous of the secret weekends, i hope you two have a fabulous time.and when i find a Beloved of my own? totally pointing him at your posts re: Secret Weekends to give him some inspiration. ;)

  2. The next time you're in Laguna Beach, let me suggest dining at one of two places (both if you're feeling generous). The Beach House and Las Brisas. Being privelaged enough to have attended both of these places on a constant basis has privded me with a sense of appreciation that NorCal restaurants can not compare to. The menu, the staff, the drinks, and the menu can't compare! I love these places both for their outstanding ambiance and menu! Please, please, please consider them in the future; they justify the drive from SD and back in one night! :)

  3. ps. I was born and raised in The OC……you can ask me for anything secretive and wonderful about the beach cities and I'll know it! :)

    you're my favorite and with joy I'd help you be special and romantic :)

  4. ontimeout — you know we don't get up to OC as much as I thought we would. But I will definitely keep those in mind and tap you for other suggestions the next time we're there. There is a Beach House in Cardiff too — though strangely enough in 8 years here, I've never been there.

  5. How beautiful, the orange flowers in the photo look Hawaiian, but what do I know…..this sounds very romantic no matter what, can't wait to hear about it!

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