QotD: I’m Going Crazy

What word or phrase drives you absolutely nuts?
submitted by, revolt

I’m glad this QotD came up the other day, because it’s been something that’s been getting under my skin for several months now.


Has anyone else noted that from the highest end restaurant to fast-food joints, whenever food or drink is delivered, the server’s (or counter person’s) final word is: “Enjoy.”

It’s starting to drive me batty – and you have to get the pronunciation right, it’s EN-joy which sounds so utterly preposterous coming from a 17-year-old kid behind the counter at Burger King, I can only shake my head.  It’s become the “How are you?” “Fine.” meaningless exchange of dining.  Is this part of food-service training now??  Do the servers even know they say it anymore?

I’m trying hard to remember what people said in the past: “Here you go”? “Here’s your order” maybe even a slightly pretentious “Bon Appetit”?  Can’t we find something else?

Though maybe I just need to embrace it.  At my next presentation maybe I can say, “This next slide highlights the activity of Compound X in an oral-glucose tolerance test… ENjoy.”

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14 thoughts on “QotD: I’m Going Crazy

  1. For the lolz… you went all out with this one. You've been bottling this up for quite some time. I imagine that with every picture you post with the caption "Enjoy!" you eye starts twitching a little more…

  2. All the places I go out to are too loud with screaming kids to hear what people in a 5 feet radius from you are saying. I'll have to actually try to read lips for a few more seconds rather than nod and smile. Maybe they are saying ENjoy, and I have been missing out on it.

  3. Uh, if those pics were representative of your daily calorie intake, expect the next person you see to be the nice orderly with the defibrillator panels, saying: "Here's 1,000 volts: NNNN-joooy!"

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