It’s Not Easy Being Green

So, some of you may be aware of the friendly wager that’s been going on between Grandma-P and me over games played between the Eagles and the Redskins – with lunch provided to the winner.  We split last season and carried the practice over to this year, too.   In fact, some of you may have seen Grandma-P went so far as to a Secret Weapon (which I must say isn’t nearly as fun as a Secret Weekend) and a Not-So-Secret Accomplice to ensure victory for the Redskins.

Well, I’m not sure if it was the Secret Weapon or not, but the ‘Skins took it to the Eagles on their own field 23-17, behind the capable performance of Jason Campbell and a monstrous game by Clinton Portis (145 yd on the ground – ouch!!)

This game was a bit of tortoise and hare – the Eagles jumped out to a quick 14-0 lead, following a great 1st quarter drive and a DeSean Jackson punt return for a TD.  The ‘Skins took the punch and kept chipping away, kicking 3 40+ yard FGs to get themselves back in the game.

The Eagles offense, however, disappeared – and you got the sense in the 2nd half that the Birds were just trying to find a way to hang on.  The Redskins were able to move the ball effectively on two TD drives.  The Eagles (in what has become a bit of a calling card) mounted a 4th quarter drive, but stalled inside the 5-yd line, settling for a FG instead of a TD.  The 'Skins then did a great job of running out the clock.

So again, the Eagles find themselves in the dubious position of probably being the best last place team in the NFL – with two losses already in a brutally tough NFC East, they’ve put themselves in a hole and they better get their house in order before they’re buried.

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10 thoughts on “It’s Not Easy Being Green

  1. Huh! Apparently the computer is a secret Redskins fan, as it ate the rest of that dizzylingly incisive post. Anyhoo, Steve, I feel your pain. (I waited a day to feel better myself, knowing that the news from the Dow would give me a pick-me-up… doit!) I thought that the Eagles did a great job of driving the ball down the field, of hassling Campbell and of shutting down Clinton Portis. But then the game inconveniently failed to end after the first seven minutes. And apparently a stray gust of wind then blew the game plan out of Andy Reid's hands, because the Eagles didn't look like they had any idea what they were doing on the field after that. You should never have to cringe when your own team is in the Red Zone, but two weeks of flubbing it on the one yard line suggest that there's something fundamental lacking from this team, either in the play calling or in the execution. And now I hear Westbrook has broken two ribs. Peachy. Oh well, at least the Phillies are looking strong.
    P.S. Points to Grandma-P for the hilarious hat-sacking photos. Make sure you buy her a nice lunch.

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