Back From The Brink

So, I’m lucky that the Eagles are a fairly “big-name” team in the NFL.  They get a fair number of nationally televised broadcasts.  The problem comes when they’re not covered; because I always end up watching the scrolling scores on the games that are being shown, or like yesterday – “watching” the live updates on
The Eagles were on the road, favored against the 49ers and leading 17-6 late in the 2nd quarter – so far, so good, right?  Well, the last minute of that quarter and all of the 3rd quarter were a nightmare – allowing a long FG by Joe Nedney, having their own long FG attempt blocked and run back for a TD, allowing the Niners to walk down the field in a strong 78-yard drive, and having their own drive stopped near the goal by an INT.  The game had gone from 17-6 Eagles to 26-17 Niners.  Oof.
And this is the team that had coughed up big leads against the Cowboys and Redskins and a late lead against the Bears.  Here they were – doing it again, not converting drives and relinquishing leads.  A loss here drops them to 2-4 and more-or-less out of it.

The 4th quarter turned again though as the Eagles rolled off 23 unanswered points, as the Niners gift-wrapped a number of turnovers, including a last minute INT returned for a TD and the final score of 40-26.
Feelin good?  Not really.  Three Akers FGs of less than 30 yards tells you the Westbrook-less-offense STILL isn’t converting in the red-zone.  And Frank Gore had over a 5-yd average and over 100 yards.
Feeling better?  Sure.  I’d hope they’d go into the bye this week at 4-2, but 3-3 is acceptable and they’re hitting the easiest part of their schedule, likely favored in 5 of their next 6 games.  Also, thanks to the Cowboys playing their worst game of the season in losing to the Cardinals and the even more inexplicable loss by the Redskins to the Rams at home, the Birds find themselves now only a game behind each of those teams in the NFC East.

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9 thoughts on “Back From The Brink

  1. While I'd be thrilled if the Phils were able to pull of two wins in a row, I really just want 1 of 3 in LA from the Fightins. As for the Eagles, I think it's going to be one of those seasons where every game seems to be a roller-coaster.

  2. my son went to a football game in New Orleans while he was there (do you call it football?) – he said it was good because the stadium was full – here you could have a stadium that holds 80,000 with only 15,000 people in it.

  3. Yep — we call it football here, and we call the sport that most of the world calls football, soccer. And if he'd gone to a professional soccer match in the US, he would have been treated to a half-empty stadium…

  4. Heh, another language? that's a good way of thinking of it. i should look at football as a foreign language, and apply myself to the learning of it.However, if I were caught in Iggles green (heh heh, I just like saying "Iggles") around the office, betwixt the Ravens fanatics and the Stillers fanatics, I'd sure as not be strung up.Which might be a good enough reason to try to get myself a jersey, come to think of it. *anything* that pisses off the Steelers fan, makes me happy.

  5. I have to say that week 6 has been my fave so far. So many games that just surprised the heck out of me. My Cowboys were terrible so that was quite disappointing, but I sure enjoyed the Bears/Falcons game. Neither are really my fave teams but just the last few minutes were so exciting. That's what I love about football – sometimes it's really anyone's game – even with only 1 second left!
    So glad that the Eagles pulled it off!

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