What’s The Hawaiian Word For Pay-Back?

For a team that has the past two National League MVPs (Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard), it’s easy to miss a guy like Shane Victorino.  He’s 5’ 9” , small and scrappy – and is affectionately known as The Flyin’ Hawaiian.  And he’s been the Phillies MVP this post season – constantly getting big hit after big hit – starting with his grand slam in Game-2 of the NLDS, which effectively sucked the life out of the Brew Crew.  He also drove in four runs in the Phils’ 8-5 defeat of the Dodgers in Game-2 of this NLCS.
Two nights ago, he incited both benches to clear after being miffed that Dodgers pitcher Hiroki Kuroda would aim a fastball at his head.
Everyone was well-behaved and there were no brush-backs last night in Game 4 and the Dodgers were clinging to a 5-3 in the 8th.  They needed 5 outs to even the series and have all sorts of “mo” heading into Game 5 Wednesday.

However, Victorino stepped into the batters box to a chorus of boos last night and roped a low, arcing two-run homer over the right field wall – and if that quieted the crowd that was nothing compared to the titanic two run home by Matt Stairs a couple of batters later – a ball so hard-hit the only question was whether it would stay in the park.

It’s funny to read the SoCal papers, because after drubbing the Cubs in their NLDS, it seemed that the locals were annoyed that the Phils didn’t realize their role was to roll over and let Manny have a World Series date with the Red Sox (who may or may not keep their end of the bargain as well).
Hopefully, there will be a chance to say "Aloha" to the Dodgers season come Wednesday night.

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One thought on “What’s The Hawaiian Word For Pay-Back?

  1. My hatred of the Dodgers was multiplied by 3 with the inclusion of Man Ram to their roster. I'm certainly pulling for the Phills and an all east coast series. Maybe next year we'll have the Tigers and the Phills in the WS then we can really get some trash talking back and forth…:)

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