Behold The Power of The Rally Cat!

So, last Fall we’re sitting in a very nice Las Vegas restaurant, having a great meal with two of our friends, PNS and Roomie.  Now, Roomie’s popped up in posts from time-to-time.  One thing you might not know is that he’s a HUGE Boston Red Sox fan.
So as we were dining, Roomie was fidgeting, wondering how the Red Sox were doing in the 2007 ALCS versus the Cleveland Indians.  We tried encouraging him and were suggesting that he relax and enjoy the meal, when he exclaimed:
“I shouldn’t even BE here… I should be home petting the Rally Cat!”
Confusion clouded our faces like Jessica Simpson trying Tolstoy, as we tried to figure out exactly what he said and even knowing that, what it actually meant.  I mean, this was mixed company afterall.
“Ummm… Roomie?  Rally Cat?”
See – baseball is the most superstitious of sports.  Its fans resplendent with lucky hats, jerseys, what have you.  Roomie had determined empirically that when he sat one of his cats on his lap and pet her that the Red Sox would come back from a late inning deficit to win.  Of course.
Forward to last night’s epic win in which the Sox – facing elimination – trailed 7-0 in the 7th inning.  The end of the season seemed certain.  And then on came the Sox – scoring 4, 2, and 2 in the last three innings to improbably win 8-7 and sending the Fenway faithful into delirium.

So with great joy, The Beloved and I called across the country on speaker phone when JD Drew drove in the winning runs, all three of us shouting to each other “Rally Cat!! Rally Cat!!”.  I dread to find out what the neighbors thought.
We’ll see if this is the momentum swing that will carry the Sox back into the World Series to face the Phillies – which of course, sets up a precarious problem.  Because while it's easy for Roomie and I to give each other support during the season, we would clearly be on opposite sides of that Series.
And I’d really hate to have to take out that cat.

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17 thoughts on “Behold The Power of The Rally Cat!

  1. Now you've gone and made me lol at work. I'm seriously struggling not to explosively laugh over here at the image of you two shouting "RALLY CAT!" repeatedly at the tops of your lungs. (Also, in my mental picture, you're both excitedly jumping up and down together.)See what happens when I stop paying attention to baseball? Exciting things. Sheesh. I gotta start watching again.

  2. I have a problem with the World Series now too, if the Red Sox go. On the one hand, I want you (and Bernadette and a bunch of my other coworkers) to be happy, and that means the Phillies need to win.
    On the other hand, Stephen King loves the Red Sox, and whatever is good enough for Stephen King is good enough for me.
    It's a quandary. :)

  3. Well, no matter what I'm rooting for the Giants!
    Okay, okay. I'm definitely rooting for the Sox. They're my #2 team. And the game last night was fabuloso.

  4. Great post, about the only thing I might disagree with is the Jessica Simpson Tolstoy line. Unless of course you were not implying that she could actually try to read Tolstoy but just that she was trying to read the name Tolstoy. I'm guessing she would see that name and pronounce "Some idiot can't spell the movie Toy Story"

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