Things On Her Birthday

Today would have been my mom’s 84th birthday.  Also, she died three years ago this week, so she’s been in my mind a lot.  So, I thought a little about what my mom might like/dislike if she were here with us this week.


The media coverage of this campaign.  She would say that too much time is spent covering each side attacking the other – that it’s terrrrrrrrrible.

The greed and stupidity that precipitated this current financial crisis… though honestly, it wouldn’t have affected her – we never had any money, and the little we had was in nothing more complicated than a savings account or CD.


The Phillies in the World Series!  She’d be soooo excited about that.  Especially if she could pick up the radio broadcast with Harry Kalas.  She would have really liked last night's 3-2 win in Game 1!!  She would also really like that the game was over at 8:30 here on the west coast.

Going to Sea World – she loved going there especially after she realized that I’d be happy to push her around in a wheel chair.  She loved seeing the Shamu show and dolphin show – and the wheelchair got her special seating.  Bonus!

Going out for pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) – which was something she learned to like very late in life.  I was always proud of the way she tried new things.

Hearing me play the piano.  I think she would have really gotten a kick out of that, and like a good mom, she’d say that I sounded great (no matter what I sounded like).

Happy Birthday, Mom!!  I love you!!

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16 thoughts on “Things On Her Birthday

  1. I would loved to have known your mother. She had to be a very kind, loving, wonderful person, because she raised a man like you. I'm sure she left you with many happy memories.

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