I'm still not sure I quite believe it, and it's taken me about two hours to calm down…


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10 thoughts on “Phinally!

  1. Whoo hoo!!! Great game, great series, great bunch of guys. Congrats to the world champions. I finally can forgive Mitch Williams now for `93. Almost.

  2. Steve. it was bedlam here last night. Not too much trouble, except on Broad St. near Chesnut, where some hooligans got out of control. Mostly just incredibly happy people (some of whom were incredibly drunk.) Did you have that split second as the Ray swung and missed where your brain refused to believe that it was actually happening?

  3. I think the under-appreciated thing will be (with all the Manny-ness, and the rain and the late endings) is that this team went 11-3 in the post season. Not too shabby, I'd say.

  4. I live in Rays territory, and as happy as I was for the Rays that they made it this far, I'm elated that the Phils won. Not that the Rays didn't play their hearts out this year, not that they aren't a good team, but I was still rooting for the Phillies!

  5. I can only imagine. I think I was most happy for Jamie Moyer — really connects this team with the 1980 team, which I can remember sitting about as far away from the TV with the same gut-wrenching, nail-biting feeling (and wouldn't trade for anything) when I was 15.And yes — there was the Philly sports fan in me that expected to hear a "wait — that pitch didn't count because there was a groundhog on the field…" or something. I let myself be happy when Ryan Howard tackled the battery.

  6. Though I don't follow baseball much, my 1st MLB game was in Philadelphia. I was in 4th grade and mostly remember the amazing hot dogs and the hot players LOL. They've always had a soft spot in my heart, though.

  7. Even for a sports agnostic like myself this was pretty exciting. I think this is a team of genuinely nice guys who really busted their asses to succeed. And as a former Virginia boy, I'm so happy for Charley Manuel.In my neighborhood the celebration mostly involved a bunch of people driving around in big SUVs honking their horns and shouting "Woooo….. Wooooo!". Downtown there were apparently some assholes who turned over cars and smashed windows. WTF's with that?I don't really understand the personal redemption people here feel, but I've been thinking a lot about my late father in law who passed away in April, a die-hard Phillies fan, and how he would have loved this.Anyway, I thing MLB might have something to think about…. a three inning sudden-death game is pretty damned exciting!Big-ass parade tomorrow!!

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