I had a real pre-Halloween Treat yesterday.  I had a chance to meet-up with and have lunch with current vox home-page spotlighted writer, RG Ryan.  Though he doesn’t live here, he has ties to America’s Finest City and emailed me to see if we had some over-lapping time while he was in town – and it turns out we did.
RG is – as you might expect – smart, thoughtful and articulate.  And has been the case with other opportunities to meet folks from vox in-person, we fell right into conversation without a blink.  We had lunch and a beer and shared bits of our life stories – he his story of transition from music industry to being an independent author-publisher, me the story of a nomadic scientist and the workings of drug discovery in the early 21st century.  You’d think there wouldn’t be much overlap there, but it’s funny how often our discussion distilled down to people – smart ones, good ones, bad ones, loved ones.  Common ground aplenty.

Of course, my camera was safely at home, but be assured we were the best-looking table of – ahem – close cropped guys with goatees that I could see…  I wonder if people thought we were brothers…?

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6 thoughts on “Snapshot

  1. Author-scientist sounds like a friendship made in heaven to me! My first Voxter meet was a huge success also – it's quite remarkable how much we can learn from people's written accounts, something I'm sure RG knows well.

  2. I share Janie and Red Pen's sentiments. What a great opportunity and a wonderful way to spend some time. :)I wonder if anyone who spotted you together thought you both went to the same hair stylist.

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