Twice the Fun?

When I passed my second anniversary here on vox a couple of months ago, I noticed something sort of interesting – that over two years, I had posted about every other day.  In fact, if you looked at most months it’s usually somewhere in that 13-17 post range.

So when erin-dot-erin suggested doing NaBloPoMo this year, I was curious.  Could I post every day?  Well, of course I could, but could I find something that I WANTED to post about every day?  That’s something that I’m not so sure about.  I think there might be a few more QotD’s, VoxHunts and memes than typically found here.

But being a good scientist, I thought that I’d do the experiment – and invite you to join in too!

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13 thoughts on “Twice the Fun?

  1. Ha – well I never shut up so I post most days and yes, sometimes I fall back on the question of the day – even though not many of them are relevant to australia.

  2. It's so funny that you still call her as erin-dot-erin! I just got out of that habit and have started calling her "e-e-r-r-i-i-n-n" and pronounce every letter in my head when I do.I was thinking of giving NaBloPoMo a shot myself as I need to do something to get back in the habit of blogging regularly.

  3. Whee, you (and a couple other folks) have convinced/inspired me to participate, too. Thanks for the impetus, now I just need to keep with it for the month!

  4. So wait – sorry to be the dense one here – do you post over there or do it over here, just every day? If it's here, sure, I'm in – but I don't think I can support another social network. :)

  5. You can totally call me erin-dot-erin! I'm glad you, Fish, Kelly, etc are all going to join me in trying to do it! We'll have to pass along the non-lame meme's to each other!And Mello, it's just a challenge to post every day on your own site in the month of November. It's an off-shoot of the writing challenge of Nanowrimo – which is National Novel Writing Month — it's just the bloggers version.

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