Bird On Bird Violence

The Eagles are making a strong case that they're the best bird-team in the NFL after back-to-back victories against the Atlanta Falcons and the Seattle Seahawks. 

The Eagles improved to 5-3, doing something they've occasionally faltered doing under Andy Reid: beating teams they should.   The offense has been more productive (though it had to overcome a slow start in the first quarter at Seattle) ā€“ and it's no coincidence that's happened as a result of Brian Westbrook being back in the line-up.

The defense has also responded, allowing only 14 and 7 points in the two games.  Thanks to the Giants destruction of the Cowboys, the Eagles aren't in last place anymore in the NFC East, but they've still got a way to go before thinking playoffs.  A W next week versus those same Giants would do a lot for that.
Oddly enough, however, we'll know for sure who the best bird team is as in three weeks the Eagles play back-to-back games against the remaining avians:  the Ravens and Cardinals.

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3 thoughts on “Bird On Bird Violence

  1. They shouldn't have any problem against the ravens. The Cardinals all depend on how well McNabb plays and how well Warner plays. My grand pappy has told me some tales of 1,000 yard games thrown by Warner when my grand pappy was a kid.

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